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Listening to our users

First of all, thanks for your valuable feedback via the website and around the blogosphere.  I read the feedback coming in from the site as a part of my job. Thankfully we’re past the performance hiccup of day 1 – the initial beta instability made for lots of uninteresting feedback! 

On the feature request side, we’re seeing lots of interesting ideas, some new and some old. Our advanced user base wants a more extensive search syntax.  Other requests include audio search and more Encarta answers.  

Finally, I know many of you have done vanity searches – it’s about 25% of our relevance feedback.  We’ve worked very hard lately to improve our ability to find your very own little corner of the web. That said, the majority of failed vanity searches were index issues. Please visit our submit url link to make sure your site is in the index.   

Use the “Help us Improve” feedback link.  We’ll be reading.   



  • Am I the only one getting javascript errors on the "help us improve" page?

    I've been trying to submit a problem I came across with Mozilla search plugins, but all I get is javascript errors. The Url on this comment is to my blog entry for the search plugin which also points out the problem I've been trying to submit.
  • I appreciate the open, cooperative spirit of this blog and your approach to the release of the beta. You guys must be from the less evil part of MS!
  • This beta progressed quicker than I had imagined it would; less than a month ago I did not believe the results were close in relevancy when compared to those shown on the Inktomi-powered main site...a month is a long time in the SE world, and it shows. Though you don't need my blessing to go live, you certainly have it now. Sure, I wish I personally could rank better, but at least the sites above me will make sense to the searcher.

    Go live young man, go live.

  • How does MSN Search handle RDF that's embedded in an HTML page?
  • FireFox Feedback Process Fixed!

    We've fixed the empty page and js errors that appeared after submitting feedback with firefox.