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Search Beta Extensions

We’ve found quite a few people have added on extensions to the beta.  It’s great to see more people playing with the new engine. Here’s a tool from DEVPPL that can be used to evaluate your rank on the BetaMartin created an MSN Search Beta desktop widget. And Ryan has created a Firefox plug-in for the Beta. Thanks for your contributions! 





  • Nice :)
    Now we just need the toolbar for IE... Hmmm, maybe I should fire up VC 7 ;)
  • Hi,
    I tried the script on DEVPPL but it doesnt seems to work fine for me :(

    I searched for particular keyword where our site is listed on #1 but when i checked using that showed me the site on #312

  • It's called a 'search plugin', i.e. a new search engine for the Firefox search bar - not to be confused with a 'plugin' (e.g. flash, java, etc) and an 'extension' (e.g. adblock, googlebar, etc).

  • Deep, I noticed that too then realised it's probably checking the .com version rather than the local version. Something to keep in mind.

  • Do you limit number of searches per ip per day?

    Also one more thing, do you plan to offer API to your search service?

    And finally I have tested your search and ranking results and I have one idea to make multi-criterion benchmark test for popular search engines. I plan to include MSN beta, Google, Yahoo and and benchmark some parameters that I think are important. I would like to hear your suggestions what should I include in my benchmark test.

    I will drop you a line when I finish it.
  • heh. the DEVPPL tool is strange. It says "not in the first 1000" for even the obvious sites for the related keywords.
  • Hi everyone, Im webmaster of DEVPPL and I've made the ranking tool. I know that there are some errors in the script, but it should work correctly if you're ranked top 200.

    I will try to make a new version of the script this weekend. Some functions I've thought of is that you cna search for multiple keywords, you can see backlinks to your site.

    If you have some more suggestions what you want in the script, just tell me, and I will see what I can do.

    I just know the link: command, are there any more commands that could be good to use? For example the site: command, it works in google, but I havent tested it in MSN Beta tho.
  • Hi, thanks for making this tool and getting it out so soon after the beta!

    I think it would be great if you could query different locations result sets (eg,, .com, etc.) as they can be dramatically different to each other right now.

  • lubert, just a guess but you are probably requiring persistent cookies for a page. Search engine bots usually can't handle this, though session-state cookies may be OK.

    It is odd that they come in bursts though.
  • Interesting source code on that DEVPPL site... Is this an approved method for ranking in MSN, then? ;)
  • 1 pt text white on white background with the $100,000 term 'meso...'? tsk tsk tsk

    MSN says 'Thanks for your contributions!' -- yeah, thanks DEVPPL...
  • plus he has various phrases beneath a certain 'ad' service on other sections of his site, altering the true content. This is one bad dude.
  • I didn't know that I wasen't allowed to use that text on the site, a friend told me that I should add it, because he uses it and he made more. (I've removed it now)

    I will remove it from my other pages aswell.
  • I have updated the MSN Beta Ranking tool now. I've added support to search in different countris and the ranking should work better now.

    Note: In this new version, you should skip http:// and just write or as domain.
  • To DEVPPL webmaster: hey, if it worked for you... ;)

    It's just that the SE's generally frown on hidden text - if you site ever gets a hand-check (or a link from a SE blog!) you're a bit busted.

    Next time, try a bit of good old IP cloaking thrown in, and you'll most likely get away with it. :)