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MSN Search Launches

I am proud and excited to announce that MSN Search is now officially launched.

With this final push we have made more than 40,000 Encarta encyclopedia articles and associated media available for free to MSN Search users, which translates to more than 1.5 million Instant Answers. We also improved and integrated Newsbot, added a button for RSS feeds on the bottom of all applicable search results pages, and increased our MSN Music selection.

We have been doing a ton behind the scenes over the last few weeks as well, tuning performance and working on scaling the system to handle MSN’s volume.

In conjunction with all this, MSN has launched a redesigned homepage.  The page is streamlined, over 50% faster and showcases the new search functionality.  This will give users a great place to start their search experience.  Furthermore we’ve added the ability to access MSN Search from the homepage.
What is most exciting to me is we now have a search platform in place that we can innovate on top of at a rapid pace. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback during the beta and tech previews ­ Keep it coming. The next year is going to be extremely exciting.


Christopher Payne
Corporate VP, MSN Search


  • Congratulations fellas! Keep up the good work!
  • Awesome. I am really excited to see what innovation Microsoft can bring to the search engine table. I also say keep up the good work.
  • Ahh...I thought you launched. :)

    At what levels was the beta at? 50% of all MSN searches? 75%? It will be interesting for us all to figure out how effective your ensuing marketing campaign is towards generating additional MSN traffic.

  • trackback/pingback
  • My congratulations. Well done for launching the service. Let's see how accessible the new service is and espsecially to screen-readers.
  • Congrats! I like the design. I am certain the results will improve over time. But it's a good start.
  • I wish to thank you for trying and improving MSN home page.
    Here are some of the first impressions and comments for improvements:
    Despite your effords it is still full of clutter. I should be able to know what each link on the page is for just by looking at it. I shouldn't be forced to click something to find out. This should be your design goal.
    1. Near the news section there are many featured links from what I understand. Examples:
    Top 10 Super Bowl Moments // Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson (© John Gaps III/A (What?)
    Staircase and hallway (© Better Homes & Gardens (What what?)
    ALSO ON MSN (What is this link for?)
    Style remixes, hot color & more
    etc, etc.
    These links showcase different articles and pages from other MSN Services. Well, you should say next to each link from what service it comes, eg. Slate Magazine: Are video games ...? MSN Shopping: New cheap ...
    Also, you should group these featured link under the service name or not show them at all. Example:
    the link Can you build a better brain?
    sits exactly below some other links which seems to point from the text to MSN Shopping but this link itself points to Encarta E-Learning. Very inconsistent. Also, separate ads from the other content.
    3. More search tabs. I can search music, web, etc but what about shopping, movies, tv listings, travel and ticket info, money, stocks, city guides, white pages, MSN Video, etc, etc, all the other MSN services that you have hidden around, plus ability to search newsgroups, dictionary, thesorous, etc. All from a single place with an easy drop-down box for selecting the service. Why do you need tabs anyway. Why not a drop-down box? Plus, I know that there is such a box on MSN Search page but it does not include everything and having both the tabs and the drop-down box on that page is confusing.
    4. This day in history: you have the current date (well not always so current) somewhere on your home page and when clicked it shows this day in history from Encarta. How should I know that it does exactly that without clicking it? It should say "this day in history", otherwise I wouldn't know.
    5. Integrate it with Hotmail. Allow eg. to search my Hotmail inbox from a single place.
    Generally you have a wider array of services than most other online portals and yet you make it complicated and difficult to find and understand. It is there but do you imagine that people will spend much more than a few seconds exploring it? Drop all these featured links or at least explain and group them. Leave ads out of the home page and explain each service clearly.
  • The beta was great, high quality search results. Now its gone live, the search result are regonalised and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn it off... redirects to! STOP IT!! If i want UK results I can type instead of .com.
  • Hey, anyone notice that just changed?
  • I had myself an orange page here - now back to blue. Seems more than just a change in search on the books?
  • Muchas Felicidades!!! It's great joy watching search engine history be made with the New MSN Search. Congratulations to the entire team. There is only growth from this point on for you guys, and there is a lot to do to keep yourselves competitive. I sincerely wish you the best of success.

    Although I've mentioned this before, I will gladly say it again. I am very proud to see you guys taking special focus on the Spanish speaking audience. As you know, there are over 65 million Internet users that can type queries in their own native language.



    Nacho Hernandez
    iHispanic Marketing Group
  • Oi there is no UK Search option? has UK sites missing that end in .com
  • all i wanted to say is .. u got cool name.. if u have heard of the game MAX PAYNE .. u know wht i mean.

    me: so whts ur name
    Chris: Its Payne .. Chris Payne.

    Chris Payne 4 : Rise of msn search

  • try searching for c# on google and on msn. Look at the differences - google seems to know the actual 'homepage' of c# whilst msn just picks up on all those people who have spammed 'c#' in the content and keywords. Seems to me this should've been ironed out in the betas.