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So, we’ve been reading some interesting posts lately about MSN Found. It seems that people are taking us a bit too seriously and have a not-so-accurate perception about what it’s really about. The campaign is simply meant to be an alternative way to entertain people and let them know about MSN Search. The pages aren’t supposed to be “blogs” but are character pages – this is a fictional search “opera,” told through a narrative of the characters.  In essence, it is a story that lives within the engine, and will unfold over the next 12 weeks.  So yes, these are actors, and this is a story – its intent is to entertain and based on the traffic we think that we are succeeding.

Regarding RSS, we originally decided against it because there are very few updates planned as the story already exists within the engine and will unravel through clues that users discover. But we hear your feedback and we’re adding RSS.

Sean Carver, MSN Marketing



  • I don't know. The whole thing seems kinda staged. The traffic you are getting is likely from the naysayers saying, "Look how stupid this is!" Sorry.
  • Can I have the 5 minutes of my life back that I wasted on that site?
  • "interesting posts" is like saying "I'm glad you asked that question". The site sucks, who hired you? You know nothing about Marketing, you're a PR slime! You didn't test this idea did you? If you had you would not have wasted all the money that was wasted on this insult to bloggers everywhere!
  • Oh lord, as if Scoble needs more encouragement!
  • Hey you naysayers, bear in mind that techies aren't the target audience.
  • 12 year old's are insulted by this crap, why don't you find a few and ask them? Target audience, if you understood the first thing about Marketing you would understand your audience.
  • "based on the traffic we think that we are succeeding"

    Sure. Everyone wants to drive by and take a look at your traffic accident. And what a pile-up it is!
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  • Got to agree with Sten, the only reason you are getting traffic is people looking to see if it really is as naff as it appears.

    If it is/was meant to be viral it failed, you can take it down now.
  • Yeah, sorry guys... your new engine is great and MSN has done some impressive work lately. But come on... this has to be the lamest marketing site I've ever seen.

    MSN Found could have been a good site. But not at all with the concept you guys went with. I think you guys should scrap the current site and try something more... real.

    Maybe make the site update every day with some cool new stuff that people have found using MSN Search. Then you'd have a good use for RSS as well (though I disagree with Scoble that RSS is mandatory for all things marketing - I see no reason to pass up an opportunity to use it when one exists).

    Know your market. People using search engines don't want to read a story. They don't want to spend a second more on a Search site than they have to. So there's your opportunity with MSN Found. Give people a site that shows them "neat stuff" with a clean, simple layout and content that can be looked over in 10 seconds or less. That's what search engine users want.

    A search engine is a means to an end. Any marketing for a search engine that relies on MSN Search actually *providing* content is a waste of time. Don't do that. Find us content. That's what you're there for.
  • If your viral marketing campaign generates a lot of buzz, but the buzz is all "this is the lamest thing I've ever seen", is the campaign still a success?
  • Better yet...

    Have the site show us things people have found *today*. Maybe even in real time. And then pick out the things that the most people have "found." Then count how many times people click on each link on the Found page and raise those items up even more.

    Then you can send out all of the most popular items over RSS.

    The idea isn't totally original... that is how Newsbot and Memeorandum work, more or less. But I still think a compelling marketing site could be pulled of with it. Partly because it wouldn't just be a marketing site... it would actually be useful! How 'bout that :)
  • You could have hired some real kids to tell their stories and hook-up with other kids through blogs and vlogs.

    Though it might not have been interesting for us, it could have grown into a phenomena for young teens as thousands could have join in and hooked up with comments, blogs, and vlogs. The Network effect, a community seeded by a six or seven young people blogging and vlogging.
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