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So, we’ve been reading some interesting posts lately about MSN Found. It seems that people are taking us a bit too seriously and have a not-so-accurate perception about what it’s really about. The campaign is simply meant to be an alternative way to entertain people and let them know about MSN Search. The pages aren’t supposed to be “blogs” but are character pages – this is a fictional search “opera,” told through a narrative of the characters.  In essence, it is a story that lives within the engine, and will unfold over the next 12 weeks.  So yes, these are actors, and this is a story – its intent is to entertain and based on the traffic we think that we are succeeding.

Regarding RSS, we originally decided against it because there are very few updates planned as the story already exists within the engine and will unravel through clues that users discover. But we hear your feedback and we’re adding RSS.

Sean Carver, MSN Marketing



  • Welcome to reality, folks. The corporate Marketing departments want a piece of the blog action. Are you really so naive as to be surprised? Puh-lease.
  • Love it or loath it, fake or not, intended or accidental - you really can't argue that it provoked an opinion that you shared with others.

    That smells like viral marketing in action to me.

  • "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."
  • > this is a fictional search “opera,” told through a narrative of the characters.

    Pretentious, vous?
  • Bottom line - its lame. Sure you got everyone talking about it. But this is the 'bad' sort of viral marketing.

    Jesus wept, can't you marketing guys do anything right? The day the MBAs and Wharton elites took over the company, thats when it started sinking....

  • Junk rules!! Isn't it?
    Now finally junk found its place right here in this blog too. First, I don't understand what found is all about? Secondly my friends say I am wise enough to understand anything. Either they are wrong or me dont know! Somebody please tell me what is it all about??
  • It's not about the traffic, it's about conversion. Is this "opera" changing people's behavior in a way that is positive for MSN?
  • Once again, the Evil Empire demonstrates that they seriously don't get it. And apparently never will. Roll over, Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky the news.
  • Tschaikovsky, sorry.
  • My blog is getting more traffic on this topic then this site, why do you think that is?
  • I wish I had my time back, except for the exploding whale video.

    How about a prize for using this "puzzle?"
  • You guys are brutal.

    So I guess the argument goes, "don't bother taking risks, don't bother trying anything new - Marketing execs everywhere, get back to the basics: put a nice little pamphlet together and go door-to-door."

    Thanks guys, I'm taking this lesson all the way to the bank.
  • Brandon,
    Reading your posts, (and all others). Re: having people submit their own videos. Totally agree. We have hashed ideas on that for the latter part of the campaign timeline. Big challenge of course will be going through all the tapes and seperating the ones that will pass for amatuer porn....But think we would get some pretty original & organic ones our of it.
  • Matthew,

    Brutal? Yes. Fair comment? I think so.

    I guess when you are trying to artificially create a viral sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and you've got to know when to cut your loses. Most people who have seen it say it doesn't work - it hasn't worked.
  • En español existe un dicho clásico:

    Ladran, luego cabalgamos.

    If people speak about it (even for bad), it means that we are having success (or so).