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MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search Goes International

With all the attention the recent MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search product has been getting, the team has been hard at work extending and improving the product for an international audience. On June 23rd, we released version 02.05.0000.1082 to the web for eleven markets, including a revision of the United States (English) highlight of this international rollout was a launch of the Japanese versions of both our Web search and the MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search by Bill Gates on June 27th along with previews of some exciting search research projects and the announcement of an MSN Research and Development center in Japan, all of which gathered a lot of positive press reaction. For those of you who can read Japanese, you may be interested to read through some of the press reports and reviews which are listed below. 

From MSN (in Japanese): Conference report, Toolbar promotion site

Press reports/reviews (in Japanese): Yomiuri Online, CNET, IT Media, ASCII24, Internet Watch, Nikkei BP Online, ITPro(Nikkei Windows), Digital Arena, ITPro(Nikkei Communication), Enterprise Watch

Here's a list of all the sites where you can download the toolbar: Japan, UK, Canada (English & French versions), Germany, Australia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, US

Paul Bennett, MSN Toolbar PM


  • Sorry...doesn't work for me since I'm from India. I'll stick with Google.
  • Yup. Can't see how this can be 'International' when two of the biggest countries - China and India have been left out.
  • The MSN search team also quietly rolled out an API so that you can use Windows Desktop Search in your own apps - very cool stuff :)
  • Ok, so when are we going to get a version for Windows XP 64?
  • Thanks for letting us know about the new US version. ;)
  • I want to see what other features will come with this.
  • Sounds like good features, but can it compare to google? I'll give it a try.
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  • When will it be possible to use the MSN toolbar on *nix platforms ?