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Extending Your MSN Search Toolbar

Hello Everyone!

After a lot of hard work from the people here and our partners you can now see local Weather reports in the MSN Search Toolbar. Just download our brand-new Weather Add-in and you’ll be able to view a three day forecast at a glance with one click.  It’s the first of many toolbar add-ins that will help you customize your toolbar experience.

You can also download the first partner services to utilize the public Windows Desktop Search Query API from our Applications and Utilities pageViapoint allows you to save and display your search results. FolderShare offers the ability to access your PC files via a web browser.

We’ve also added more ifilters that extend the ability of Windows Desktop Search to access all of your documents. Now both the OpenOffice and StarOffice suites have ifilters. See all of them in our Desktop Search Add-ins page.

If you have a great Add-in, or an idea for one and the will to program, please contact us.  We are always looking to highlight the great products from the Windows Desktop Search community. 

We hope that you all find all of the add-ins as useful as we do!

Chris Butler, Program Manager



  • I really never understood and understand what's so hot about all those weather-forecasts, no matter whether it is on TV, radio or internet. I find this the most boring and annoying stuff in the world.

    I do freeclimbing and running, but never cared about the weather much. Running in the rain is a pleasure, and if it rains the day we would drive to the mountains, we drive to the climbing hall instead. So what?!

    Of course your plug-in is great from a techical point-of-view. But from a social point-of-view it is really uninteresting to me :-).

    Am I the only one that thinks this way?

    (BTW: your link to seems to be broken)
  • Correct link would be:
  • Hi Uwe.

    What types of extensions are most interesting to you?

    Believe me, not having a window office means I appreciate the weather add-in much more. ;-)


    Chris Butler, Program Manager
  • Microsoft suxors
  • Chris, I'm in the same windowless boat... And I love the new weather add-in! I'll get more use out of it than most of the built-in functionality (Hotmail, Spaces, Messenger, etc.) which I usually just disable. Great work.
  • Things I don't personally use the MSN toolbar for: Hotmail, Spaces, Messenger, Form Fill, Desktop Search (don't need it, though MSN's implementation of desktop search is rather nice). It's great that these are all easy to disable/remove, but I do wish it were possible to disable desktop search during installation before it ever starts indexing files.

    What I do like about the MSN toolbar is its good implementation of tabbed browsing, popup blocking, search term highlighting, MSN search, and now the weather add-in (which I personally prefer over similar utilities by other vendors).

    My most wanted future add-in would probably be some kind of feature pack designed for web development related stuff. Just about all features from the 'Web Developer Extension' for Firefox ( would be great, as would be features similar to some things linked to on the A2K toolbar's ( ) information button dropdown.

    And what about adding MSN VirtualEarth to the list in the search dropdown (under 'More', perhaps)?