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Come Visit the MSN Search Team

A little over a year ago we began inviting groups of academics, bloggers, siteowners, and technologists out to Redmond to talk about search. We call them Search Champs. We usually select this group based on who we are reading and we think would provide us great insight. We spend a couple of days with the group showing them our future plans, getting their input and making connections. Every time we hold these sessions we inevitably hear from people who want to be included, but we had never heard of them or didn’t know that they would be interested in MSN Search. It’s always with regret that we have to turn people away.

We don’t want to make this mistake again and this time we are going to do an Open Call for anyone to apply to be a Search Champ. We want to hear from you! If you want to shape the future of our product then please fill out this application.  The event will take place in Redmond (on the MS campus) from 1/24-1/26 and expenses will be paid by us. Champs will be selected based on who applies and what products we are reviewing. Hope to meet you!

Brady Forrest
MSN Search Team


  • That is a brilliant IDEA - it is very practical to get real-life concerns from the masses.

    Although the Academicians are great - still they only touch the surface of what people REALLY want and their frustrations.

    Good Luck!!!

    Really looking forward to great things from MSN - the SERPs have improved dramitically over the past months!

    Only one minor concern - ALLOW VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION - this would really globalize your efforts to include an enourmous part of the world's popularition. Taking spontanously is quite different from sending emails. ;-)
  • This is exactly the kind of effort needed to incorporate the customer into the development cycle. It not only reduces the risk of producing the wrong feature set (stuff people don't really want), it bridges the gap between the people producing products and the public that uses them, creating customer evangelists.

    I agree completely with the previous post - extend the reach of the program by creating a virtual community of people with a vested interest in MSN search.

    I'm looking forward to more of this kind of transparency from Microsoft.
  • Oh, I am so one of those people who always wanted to go but found out too late. Fingers crosse!
  • An open invitation for Search Champs is what a lot of MSN Search users have been waiting for. This is a great idea and after missing this event in the past, now I also have my fingers crossed.

  • Do you care as much about the needs of searchers as you do about algorithms and technical solutions?

    I do, and have responded to your survey more comprehensively.

    Regards from the lower southern hemisphere,

    Michael Zerman, Adelaide AUSTRALIA
  • Dear Blog Folk

    I completed your survey form a day or so ago, but didn't keep a copy of the submission for my own records.

    If poss, I'd be pleased if you could email me a copy of my "words of great significance".


    Name: Michael Zerman


    Michael Zerman, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  • Just filled out the survey. I'm from Boston and I use Microsoft products extensively, including MSN Search, which is pretty much the only search engine I rely on for serious searches. I do use other search engines to see what they are up to. Please pick me, Dr. H. Jiu from Boston.

    Now, as I mentioned in my app, I've been sending feedback to you guys about phony websites in MSN Search results regularly for the past year or more. Such sites have no real content. Most have only Google links (amazing how they know what I was searching for, even when I was searching for a rare term), others have adware/spyware. I'm rather disappointed nothing has been done so far.

    For example, this morning I was looking for the phone number for the Sony outlet store in Wrentham, MA. So I searched for "sony outlet wrentham" in MSN Search. The first hit that came up,, is a phony site. Try it. This site has no content whatsoever (and rare in that it's not a Google sponsored links site!), but my IE stopped a pop-up window, so I suspected it was a spam or spyware site.

    Anyway, I have extensive experience with all the major search sites, from Yahoo in the early days to Google in the early and modern days to MSN Search. If you need a guy who's sincere about helping improve MSN Search, pick me, Dr. H. Jiu from Boston. But really, please get rid of the phony webpages from your search bot database.