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This past December we quietly made a change to the way people search on – Search is now powered by MSN Search.  This was an exciting project to work on.  We were super jazzed that another team wanted to use our search technology and the team was equally excited to be upgrading their search to the best Internet Search technology that Microsoft has to offer.  Not only that, but this was not just any team, but rather search for which is one of top 10 sites on the Internet. The exact position within the top 10 depends on whose numbers you trust most :)


The result we think is a far improved search of content – the satisfaction levels of search are up and the number of people using also increased.  The true judge, however, of whether we are delivering good results is you. So, stop by, try out your favorite queries and send us some feedback. 


And to boot we shipped this in 58 markets and 31 languages!


Eytan Seidman

Lead Program Manager -- MSN Search


  • oh, good to hear news from you guys, please keep on bring good stuff:D
  • Nice work. Keep it up.
  • I tried the search out, and it seems to be working well. Makes sense to make the switch, when you're running a search engine, why not use it wherever you can? :)
  • Msn Search is a better search engine!

    Congratulation for you result!
  • Have been regularly using MSN Search since more than 6 months now and the experience has been positive. Switched from Google.

    Reg. Search at, results are good, but before this switch, the search results were categorized to downloads, knowledge base articles etc. That feature is no longer available. But, it's easier to search now.
    Good work.
  • Reg. being able to search specific parts of, it's available under Advanced Search... not as obvious as before, but it's still present.
  • it is cooooooooooooool!
  • Excellent,  I found very hard to find information on microsoft's website.  This helps  ALOT.  Thank YOU.
  • All good as far as I'm concerned.

    Great results.
  • Microsoft home page is the best I have ever seen from MSN. Keep up the good work.
  • done a good job
  • Shame the MSCOM search seems to have some much noise when searching VS2005 docs on MSDN.

    MSDN's new search in their lab seems to give cleaner results seems to without the need for extra filters.
  • i am new employee to msn, but like many people i used google to search. now my default home page is msn search, but i still find a lot of things indexed on google not indexed by msn search. i don't personally know the strategy of msn search in improving (to google's level, or better), but i know a lot of users will still hesitate using msn search over google if the indices aren't as broad as those of google's.

    but i think within 3 years msn search will be vastly improved to the point that it rivals google's search engine. but who knows, maybe it's just wishful optimistic thinking because i work for msn!

    good luck, and keep up the great work and progress!
  • Hello,

    I am having a hard time with the new MSN Search

    It appears that our company's website:
    has been removed from MSN index, and the searches on
    "" or "" yield no

    Our site has over 20,000 links pointing to it, has a
    good internal structure, and has been up since 1998
    and has over 500,000 users. According to Alexa, is #1018 highest traffic site on the

    We have *never* engaged in any search engine tricks to
    artificially inflate our rankings (cloaking, hidden
    text, javascript redirects etc.), so I am not sure if
    this removal is caused by the changed of the MSN

    Not being included by MSN is a significant business
    issue for our company.

    Thank you for your help!


    Simon Grabowski
    GetResponse, an Implix company