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New Toolbar Release: Windows Live Toolbar beta available

We have released the Windows Live Toolbar beta which adds some really cool technology from Onfolio, a company we just acquired. Onfolio grabs scraps of web pages to be shared or viewed later, which is my favorite part. Also, it allows you to collect and read feed collections via a great reader that is integrated into IE so you can read all your feeds in one place. This is a great tool to help organize information that you find on the web.

In addition, the beta integrates with the great new services such as Windows Live Search, Windows Live Local, Windows Live Favorites and with automatic RSS detection and aggregation. You can also add, arrange and display the buttons as you want. On top of all this is integration, Windows Desktop Search continues to brings you the rich ability to find items on your own computer, but now you can include them in the collections of information you have.

The entire Toolbar and Onfolio teams have worked hard to bring you this beta and we hope that you will take the time to try it out and tell us about it, good and bad!!

Chris Butler
Lead Program Manager, IS Client


  • The link to the Beta does not work - 404 Page not found...
  • Ack!  We've got a new blog editor at blogs.msdn and ran into something a bit wacky here.

    The links are fixed, thanks for the note.
  • It will be interesting to see if Microsoft
    develops a toolbar for Firefox.
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  • Why Why Why...this is so much bloat.

    IE7 already has RSS so why this? At the very least, you could have integrated the RSS in the toolbar with that of so people could use either (online/offline read status) - something like newsgator, I mean. Looks like there are 3 teams who are absolutely uncoordinated - IE RSS Team, amd Toolbar/OnFolio. PC is a lot faster now.
  • Feature-wise, this is great, but adding toolbars is really awkward under IE7. It ruins the compact look and feel and seems out of place. My advice / opinion falls into three general categories:

    (1) For functions that are redundant in IE7 (anti-phishing, search, pop-up blocking, tabs), these should be kept in their own tool-bar, but disabled by default when IE7 is detected on install.

    (2) Onfolio, Live Favorites, and Feeds should be integrated into the browser, but maybe in a different way. Would it be possible to have an separate Onfolio icon added to the main menu bar (with Page, Tools, Print, etc), similar to how AIM adds its own icon? Or maybe it could be added as an item to the Tools menu button?

    (2.1) As for feeds and favorites, I like the idea of being able to sync with Live, but would prefer less UI. I agree with the earlier poster that it is rather confusing to have the same feeds icon used for two similar yet different functions in IE7. The local stores Feeds and Favorites should be synced automatically with their respective Live services. In the best case, this would include which posts are read and unread, but that's not critical since both IE7 and have lightweight blog reading experiences. To prevent the homepage from being overly cluttered, feeds should initially show up on a separate page ("New Feeds"?) when synced into

    (3) Some of the functions, such as Games, really would make more sense being implemented as gadgets--either or sidebar--rather than toolbar items.

    I know you also need to support IE6, and I don't want to seem just b*tchy and make your jobs harder, but I really feel that these suggestions would make Windows Live feel more like a seemless extention of Windows. I've been real impressed with the whole Live collection thus far. Keep up the good work. :-)
  • Bad URL
  • Live toolbar link is not working !
  • Where is the Live Toolbar? The link is dead!
  • can't wait
  • Toolbars seem to be becoming a much bigger part of web 2.0 especially with the release of live, googles new toolbars and certain mashups like Google Toolbar Buttons with Wikipedia, Yahoo News and Google Search at Custom Toolbar Buttons so this is an important thread...

    on to my question... i havent heard either way if msn is planning on allowing custom toolbar buttons to be added to their next toolbar... any inside scoop?
  • Can I PLEASE have the link to the Live Toolbar?
    I keep on getting this "Hmm, I think you have a bad URL. Can you go back and check it and try again? " when I follow the above link!
  • The three major browser toolbars are available from Google,MSN and Yahoo. Each incorporates some different features from the others.Now we have another one ... from MS Live ...
  • I'm always thinking: What would be valuable info to my readership?
  • Needs a lot of work.

    1). Onfolio feels clumsy, tacked-on. It needs a new UI, and it needs to integrate more closely into and the IE7 feeds.

    2). Performance is HORRIBLE. Unacceptable, actually.

    3). Features feel half-finished.