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Shoutout to Robert Scoble and our pals at Webmaster World!

Shoutout from our team to Robert Scoble, who is onstage at Webmaster World Wednesday morning. He will be doing a keynote panel (Morning Coffee Session with The Super Bloggers Of Search (Robert Scoble, Jeremy Zawodny, Matt Cutts ), talking about the cool macros stuff Andy Edmonds showed him last week and of course, the launch of Academic Search.

You go, Robert!

--Betsy Aoki

 4/19 Addendum - the crew wants to send another shoutout to our fearless leader, Director of Program Management Ramez Naam, who is participating in an afternoon  Webmaster World  Super Session described as "Search Engines and Webmasters: AKA, Search Engine SmackDown! Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask Jeeves."

If he comes back with a new nickname like “the Body” or “The Mezzinator”….we’ll know why. :)


  • If you enter "web" as your query in msn search your third result will bee "Visa Global Gateway".

    This page has nothing to do with web. Source code dosen't have word web any where.

  • That link for the "cool macro stuff" isn't working for me :(.
  • The cool macro link goes to a search query that pulls up all the andy edmonds macros - he just did a bunch. It works for me, but it may not make sense to you, what are seeing. If you click on each return you get, you get a web page where you can add the macro to your page as well as see the text of the macro.

    We will do a post that exposes them 1 by 1 I think. The macros folks are really into it.  

  • Yo, I just want to send a shout-out to my buddy the Mez Man. He can demo while he talks, and did a good job. Nobody told me he's got a book out too!

  • I'm curious, how many people (on average) worked on developing the Windows Desktop Search product code-wise?

    Just trying to get a feel of how many people work on applications like this.


  • I heard that you are developing a new search engine that can search over the Internet by images? I just wanna know what kind of images your system searches for because I also addressed to develop a search engine of images( contact me:
  • Interesting!
  • I hate your beta hotmail.  It really sucks
  • > I hate your beta hotmail.  It really sucks

    Gee thats some really constructive criticism there.
  • To the person who asked about image search, the info page on images can be found if you go


    (If that URK garbles essentially Go to MSN homepages, click on Images, Click on Learn more about our service).
  • For Max who asked about Desktop search ...

    Desktop Search is a cross-company effort so to give you a specific number is tough. We have a moderately sized team (by MSFT standards) on our Silicon Valley campus and on our Redmond campus that are solely focused on the product.

    Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!

  • Your macro thing is no new. It exists as "filters" in MSDN Document Explorer and in many medical information systems (in the form of a selectable combobox item or a special keyword you can use in the search box).

    Interestingly, two weeks before your first public disclosure (Mar 8, 2006) of the search macros, I wrote some similar ideas to the USENET:

    It contains some advanced features you may want  to include in your future work, especially the "show related macros as you type your keywords" idea.

    Yao Ziyuan
  • Feb 22 on "search commands":

    Feb 25 on "xword":

    Mar 8 "more on xword":
  • New SE to searching images will be good