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The Top of Live Search for 2006

Live Search went live in 2006, and it has been a great year for us and our users searching the Web. With the year drawing to a close, we decided to put together lists of the top searches for 2006. These lists are the result of studying our anonymous logs for the most searched queries in all the countries and regions our users search from.

After putting together the list of the Top 10 searches for this year, we became curious about which queries gained the most popularity compared with last year. As you can see in the list of the top gainers from last year, the 2006 FIFA World Cup popularized some soccer related searches. Because soccer was so popular overall, we decided to see what else was popular in soccer searches in 2006.

When you search the Web, we know you’re looking for more than just web pages, so we put together a list of top searches for additional categories: celebrity images, news, products, and travel.

Please let us know what you think by posting comments on this blog, or by using our feedback page.

Thank you for all your searches in 2006!

Ivan Gonzalez
Program Manager, Live Search User Experience Team

Top overall searches     Top gainers from last year
1 - Ronaldinho
Paris Hilton
  1 - Bebo
Zinedine Zidane
2 - Shakira   2 - Kaká
3 - Paris Hilton   3 - Zinedine Zidane
4 - Britney Spears   4 - Pink
5 - Harry Potter   5 - Scarlett Johansson
6 - Eminem   6 - The Pussycat Dolls
7 - Pamela Anderson   7 - Rihanna
8 - Hilary Duff   8 - Superman
9 - Rebelde   9 - Cristiano Ronaldo
10 - Angelina Jolie   10 - Victoria Beckham
Top soccer searches     Top celebrity image searches  
1 - Ronaldinho
Cristiano Ronaldo
David Beckham
  1 - Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
2 - Cristiano Ronaldo   2 - Britney Spears
3 - David Beckham   3 - Christina Aguilera
4 - Ronaldo   4 - Jennifer López
5 - FIFA   5 - Lindsay Lohan
6 - Zinedine Zidane   6 - Jessica Simpson
7 - Real Madrid   7 - Janet Jackson
8 - Kaká   8 - Angelina Jolie
9 - Cruz Azul   9 - Pamela Anderson
10 - Manchester United   10 - Jessica Alba
Top news searches     Top product searches  
1 - Natalee Holloway
Natalee Holloway
Steve Irwin
  1 - digital camera
digital camera
pet supplies
2 - Steve Irwin   2 - pet supplies
3 - Iraq   3 - iPod
4 - Paris Hilton   4 - Xbox 360
5 - David Blaine   5 - Canon
6 - Tom Cruise   6 - The Da Vinci Code
7 - Chris Daughtry   7 - Panasonic PV-GS300
8 - North Korea   8 - Canon EOS 30D
9 - David Copperfield fountain of youth   9 - PlayStation 3
10 - Taylor Hicks   10 - Samsung mp3 player
Top travel searches          
1 - Las Vegas
Las Vegas
2 - Mexico        
3 - Hawaii        
4 - Walt Disney World        
5 - Disneyland Park        
6 - Costa Rica        
7 - Italy        
8 - Cancún, Mexico        
9 - Grand Canyon        
10 - Florida        

Images are scaled down and may be protected by copyright. If you don’t own rights in an image, you may need to obtain permission from the copyright owner.


  • Based on what I've heard it's either eBay or Google.  Is that true?

  • Wow I can't believe a soccer star outranked our American movie stars.

    Thank you

  • I wish that you redesign your homepage.

    Do you mast copy Google? You are Microsoft - Make Google copy You.

    Why not make something like this list on your home page?

    The BlueSky HomePage was the B*E*S*T site of them all.


    Another thing:

    When I search something on Web i would like to se number of search results for Images, News...

    Something like results on clasifieds.


    And Yust one more thing:

    Why not make Windows Live Directory. Something like Yahoo! directory


    And the last thing:

    N*E*W M*A*R*K*E*T*S


    And realy LAST thing:

    I*N*F*I*N*I*T*E S*C*R*O*L*L was the best, best, best thing on live search. It's something like Windows Live Flag, or logo, or song or...

    Put That Back In Web Results


    And That's All. Sorry for bad english

  • <b>  1 -  Mariah Carey  

     2 -  Britney Spears

    Well, this is a change... </b>

    Next year, Search Engines WEB will be in the top 10

  • Very well put list, wish you had put what comes after the top 10, is there anywhere where this information is available, maybe up to top 100??

  • Sounds not bad. :)

    I use the Google usually.I will try yours from now on and look for the excellence of yours.

  • I like the whole soccer thing. Especially the comment above saying "Wow I can't believe a soccer star outranked our American movie stars."

    How much did America learn about soccer this year? ;-)

  • Very interesting! what about social searches?

    You list consumeric i think...

  • This, as most other top search pages, seems to be based on American trends and the English language. Does anyone ever post anything about Europe and the multitude of different languages that have sprung from there at all?

  • Live Search is slow in India compared to Google

    I have written feedback a number of times

  • Very interesting! BTW, do you also publish country-wise top searches e.g. from Pakistan?


    Badar Khushnood

  • Great and cool website !!! Keep it up... Best regards... Visit my sites :) Thanks!,Great and cool website !!! Keep it up... Best regards... Visit my sites :) Thanks!

  • Is this list an aggregate number of a pure keyword list?

    For example number 3 was 'paris hilton'. Does this mean that the pure base level search of paris hilton was a top search or is this an aggregate of searches like:

    simple life paris hilton

    paris hilton news

    paris hilton video

    boyfriend paris hilton