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We’ve revamped News Search!

With the launch of the new browse experience for News (, we now bring you the most relevant stories of the day bucketed in categories, such as top stories, local news, and business. At the same time, the news team has revamped the news results page to incorporate many new features to improve your search experience. Add us to your homepage, try it out, and give us your feedback!

To highlight some of the features of our browse experience:

  • Aggregated news  We now pull in up-to-date news headlines for users to browse, which include top stories and category-specific articles. Breaking news is clearly identified and up to the minute when it happens, so you're always at the forefront of developing stories.
  • Local news  Right off the bat we introduce news from your (U.S.) state.
  • Multimedia  We incorporate a bevy of multimedia content into our pages, including images and videos with smart-motion thumbnails. Read the headlines, and watch videos all on one page!

We're trying hard to make our browse page a one-stop shop for local, national, and international news, combined with rich multimedia content.

News browse experience

If you click "more on this story" or type a search into the search box, you'll notice several new features on the results page:

  • Filtering  You're now able to filter the results based on your location to get articles from a local perspective, or you can filter by the dominant categories of your search based on the results — so it's easy now to get articles from ESPN or the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for your Seattle Supersonics queries. :-)
  • Related searches  We offer suggestions on similar topics.
  • Sort articles by date
  • Videos  When they are available you get videos directly in the results. We love videos around here.

Try out a few searches, like Iraq, obama, microsoft, and let us know what you think!

News search results

More to come  We're excited to jumpstart News with these new features, and we have a lot more planned in the coming months. We'll be pushing out RSS support soon, and for those who've noticed that we don't have blogs in our sources yet, rest assured — we're getting to them. Our goal is to ensure that we have as many sources as possible in our news search, and we'll continue to innovate and experiment to make sure we have the right feature set to enable that. In the meantime, have fun with our new News experience, and send feedback our way!

Update  Our official URL is, but you'll soon be able to hit our news browse page from the Live Search homepage ( To get there, you'll be able to click the News tab or click the News link on any search results page with an empty query. The new features from News are currently only available to the U.S. market, but we're working on extending our coverage internationally. Until then, if you live outside the U.S. you can still check us out by clicking here.

The News Search team


  • How about a Personalized page for English Canada? Been waiting for that for um... well ever since personalized pages have been available.

  • In india, is being redirected to Can you please check it?

  • How about that? Microsoft release yet another US-only feature!

    There's a whole other world out here y'know. We want to feel the love too!!!


  • Clarification, I think is redirecting to everywhere in world. It is only that page( is not being generated correctly in india.

    It has two columns like this

    Top News Topics

       * Nfl network

       * American idol news

       * American axle

       * David cook

       * Grande fratello

       * American idol

    Popular News Queries

       * Chicago cougar shot

       * Miss usa crystle stewart

       * Testosterone

       * Drive-in fitting room

       * J.k. rowling

       * Nascar


  • Yes Dheeraj, I think its still the same old format being shown which we used to get earlier for many regions including India.

    You can change the region and check the new News Search. Click on the India on top to get the Search Worldwide Page and select United States (English). Now you can get all the New changes implemented to Search.

    Hope to see these changes implemented to all regions by default soon.

    I like the New News Search, Clean, uncluttered Page.

  • I get a "This site is temporarily unavailable, please check back soon." message. :(

    I would like to translate this message :)

    Please let me know which one applies:

    - The site is US only?

    - The site is IE only?

    - The site is Window only?

    - The site is really down due to traffic or bug.

    Thanks :)!

  • I have same problem too, i was redircted to

    which shows indifferent information

  • There's still a little work to do on the "breaking news" feature mentioned, as one of your competitors (guess who) still shows fresher results - though if you mention you'll add blogs to the news search it should show an improvement

  • This is a new great feature and will improve search algorithms.

    Here is a hot debate site:

    Enjoy all.

  • I like the new News Search, but there still needs to be improvements to outdo Google News.

    1. Local News - I don't even know this TV-station based news that's under Texas. How about letting users drop in their zip code or city and getting news from the area's daily newspaper site? I subscribe to the Houston Chronicle, and it wouldn't hurt to see news from them in my "local" area.

    2. Alerts/RSS feature - The site needs that. There are people that want to be constantly updated about anything coming out of a particular news search feed, and having that option would be wonderful.

    3. News Search filter - Sometimes users want to narrow their results down. Like maybe I prefer getting my news from a few reliable sources, or I might like to exclude specific words that I might not want included. I might want to find something from a specific date, or as far back in the archives. You really need to set parameters around news filtering to get better results.

    That's just some examples. Live should try to top everything Google does, and show what MS has. But catching up, and not outdoing won't get MS anywhere.

  • Yes, there has to be an RSS Feed. When I read the commenct of Quickboy I could not believe what I read, should be on top of the priority list. Looks fine otherwise.

  • In the Netherlands there is only news in the English language. Really disappointing to see that we are left with nothing :(

  • Congrats to Live Search for being the Webware 100 award Winner !

  • I don't like the fact the tech news are put together with science news. I want them separated.

  • Congrats to the live team for the launch.