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Black Friday cashback blackout

We want to respond to those of you who've commented about your problems using cashback last Friday. For a few hours on Friday, November 28, Live Search cashback experienced an unexpected outage. If you completed a purchase that day, you can follow up on a cashback rebate by contacting Microsoft at Be sure to have the order number and the email address provided for the transaction.

Here are the details about Friday's outage:

  • A significant spike in traffic caused the system to go down for several hours on Friday.
  • The downtime was partly related to investigating the issue and partly to rebuilding and redeploying the databases and indexes that support Microsoft Live Search cashback.
  • The issues that caused Friday's problem have been resolved. We're confident we won't have further problems.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Rajat Taneja, General Manager, Worldwide Commercial Search


  • Well, when will those that could not partake of this offer and spent all day trying to buy a computer due to your website's blackout be able to smoothly get 40% cashback?

  • "We deeply regret customer inconvenience with respect to the outage," Microsoft said in a statement provided to CNET News. "The spike in traffic in combination with a technical glitch led to the outage. The promotion will restart in the next day or so. Again, we apologize for our customers' inconvenience."

    Can you elaborate on when exactly the 40% will be offered? Tuesday or Wednesday?

  • This "blackout" was more than a ""few hours".  I couldn't get past the cashback search page for 10+ hours and you call that a "Few hours"?  When you reoffer this in the "next day or so" as promised how about giving customers a bit more than 12 hours to complete a purchase?

  • When u get this 40% promo going again in the next few days, how bout giving customers INSTANT cash back assurance as u did with ebay?

  • If I bought a computer on friday, will I eligible again for the new 40% that starts in the next coupla days?

  • I too was one of the frustrated ones who couldnt get past the first screen.  While I sympathize with those who had problems, I'm glad to hear you're going to be doing this promo again shortly, and at least helpnig those who had click through problems.

  • Why not ASSURE the ones that have cash back problems that this will be resolved? You posting here doesn't explicitly say so.  I'll be disputing this with my Credit Card company if I don't see my cash back by tomorrow- my order has already shipped!  At least you'll be doing the promo again, so I can order my son the laptop I promised him for Christmas.

  • Do u guys have any idea how friggin frustrating this was for all of us who tried to order a system on friday?  A few hours- PLEASE!!!!!  Promsiing such a great % cashback then reneging on it is not expected when yer talking about a huge company like microsoft- u guys have really lost my dedication.  

  • If, by a "a few hours" you mean the duration of the promotions, then yes, it was a few hours, and since the promotion was half a day, I guess you can call it a few hours. Funny how it was working till the 40% promotion started, then instantly working again when it finished

  • u shouldve bought a few dedicated servers from hp before your website went "live" haha

  • Still haven't received 20% cashback notification from my 11/25 Circuit City purchase...  

  • Few Hours = ALL DAY ?!!! What about the cashback for the time spent fighting to get through?

  • Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

    The outage lasted 12 hours.

    That's not several hours.  That's not a few hours.

    Some honesty will go a long way toward giving people confidence in your product.  Try it out sometime.

  • So has anybody that was given only 3% had their cashback amount changed to 40%?

  • I don't mind giving suggestion even if I am not asked to!

    A sql update to change 3% to 40% for all transactions initiated from live to hp site on the black friday will take care of a major issue and make your life much easier than dealing with it case by case!

    Remember, you are spoiling HP reputation by not honoring the 40% that was announced.