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You asked for it: instant cashback!

When we asked users about the improvements they'd like us make to Live Search cashback, many said they want to receive cashback instantly instead of waiting for 60 days. Well, I'm happy to announce that we've just released the Instant cashback feature with eBay. Instant cashback will be eligible for some, but not all users. Eligible shoppers will be notified online after completing a purchase on eBay.

Here's how it works

  1. When you search for a product on Live Search — say an Xbox — within the results returned you'll see an eBay ad with the gold coin cashback icon Image of cashback icon and "Live Search cashback."
  2. Click the eBay ad to go to and make your purchase.
  3. After completing the payment with PayPal, you'll receive a message saying you're eligible for "instant cashback." Yippee!
    Image of instant cashback message
  4. The cashback amount is automatically deposited into your Paypal account and posted to your cashback account.

This new Live Search cashback feature ought to make your holiday shopping all the more rewarding. I look forward to sharing many more improvements with you in the coming months.

Happy shopping, everyone!

Kok Waii Wong, Group Product Manager, Live Search


  • Please post an update here on what Cashback plans to do about the Black Friday HP-fiasco.  There seem to be thousands of people who attempted to use the 40% cashback deal, but only received 3% cashback (or have received no notice at all), and some communication from about what the company plans to do would be very helpful so we know whether to cancel our HP purchases and look elsewhere for Christmas computer sales.  Talk to us!  Thanks.

  • I'm glad you see you're implementing this, what a great way to make Live Search cashback even more useful!

  • Do we know it will be instant cashback prior to checking out?  What makes a purchase eligible for instant cash back vs waiting for 60 days?

  • Your complete and utter failure in Black Friday was rediculous. I cannot believe it was allowed to continue all day. You guys couldn't figure out what was wrong? You looked like a mechanic who couldn't get his own car started.

    Yes, please post something about how you are handling the people that purchased from HP, since HP is playing dumb. You would think by today that the folks at HP would have some type of script or something, seeing how they "teamed up" with you, other than to direct us to the site again. It probably crashed again today since they were sending everyone there!

  • Please please bring Black friday HP deal again!

    I waited for this since it was announced, had not been any where to shop

    waited for this thing to go live so I can make purchase for my GF and Me!!!

    I do not know where to go?

    was a bait and switch?


  • Hmm.. I wonder how we know which of us is "elligible" for instant cashback?

  • Please provide some information regarding this incident, as many have not yet received confirmation of cashback.  Thank you.

  • I'm pretty sure random eligibility is not what us user had in mind when we asked for INSTANT cash back! If you aren't going to make it instant for all purchases then why not give a notification or some guidelines for what will and won't be eligible and then cut the wait time down to less than 30days for the rest of the cash back rewards. Why the heck was 60days chosen anyways, most eBayers don't offer returns after 14days let alone 30-60.

  • Please offer some information on what purchases qualify for instant cashback.  You announce that it is implemented, but then put caveat that not all purchases qualify.

    Please clear this up.  Why the smoke and mirrors?

  • Will you guys offer this retrospectively to past purchases made?

  • After receiving a 30% coupon from e-bay, I attempted to create a cashback acount. Several frustrating hours later, I still don't have one. After filling out all my info, I get a "connection failed" notice. Will e-bay users get another chance at this?

  • Bring back - HP 40% cashback offer. I tried all day long to grab a HP product, but was disappointed to view the 'oops' page every time I clicked on the sponsored link.

    Please bring back the offer again. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the update and looking forward to more improvements.

  • "I'm happy to announce that we've just released the Instant cashback feature with eBay. Instant cashback will be eligible for some, but not all users."

    why "some", who are these "some", when will this be pusehed to everybody?

  • Your cashback on black friday was an utter disaster.  I am a college student and rather than being able to concentrate on finals i am instead wondering if my $800 laptop purchase is going to be a disaster as the HP computer i bought while a very good deal with the cashback is horribly over priced compared to other BF deals that i could have got in on.

    I have received no email both to my question sent in and the automated email i should be getting to confirm my cashback.

    But you have instant cash for ebay.  I'm sure thats what everyone wants to hear about rather than if they will actually be getting the hundreds of dollars they're entitled too on computer purchases.</sarcasm>

    MS you have dropped the ball on this badly.

    And i find a nice blog where the company should be communicating with it's customers.  It's even recently updated... with information no one cares about.

    -Ben B