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Safe Search Update

You may have read our post last week where we talked about how Smart Motion Preview and SafeSearch work together.

As we mentioned, Microsoft is never done when it comes to providing tools to help customers, whether they are large enterprises, local school districts or parents make sure they can provide a safe searching experience when using Bing.

We made two changes that we think will help.

First, potentially explicit images and video content will now be coming from a separate single domain,  This is invisible to the end customer, but allows for filtering of that content by domain which makes it much easier for customers at all levels to block this content regardless of what the SafeSearch settings might be.  This makes it much easier for filtering software to block unwanted content if SafeSearch has been turned off.

In addition, we will begin returning source url information in the query string for images and video content so that companies who already use this method of filtering will be able to catch explicit content on Bing along with everything else they are already blocking for their customers.  An example of such a query string is:  

Thank you to everyone who shared feedback with us on this matter, it helped us to quickly develop a solution and get it into production.

Mike Nichols, General Manager, Bing


  • Terrific news. I'm excited about the technical developments, but I think maybe even moreso am impressed with the way everything is connecting & gradually expanding. Good for you. :-)

  • of course, an adorable puppy.  :)

  • This is smart and a good move....

  • Way to go guys, I was hoping you would do the right thing here. Exposing the dark underbelly of the web is a dangerous proposition but you have done a great job of bringing things back inline in a way that others can control as they see fit.

  • I don't understand - why bother storing explicit videos at all?

  • Hi Mike, that's good news. Finally we have a way to filter adult content with out modifying URLs manually.

    But I am still amazed that your product managers come up with solutions where the end user has to manually add things to the url. This is the kind of lack of user-centricity that makes Msft web products so yucky

  • I exceptionally love the Safe Search feature. You are making the web safer for all as we "travel" around on the Internet!

  • So... it looks like google has assembled a "special team" to tackle the hot new competitior--Bing!!!!!

  • What a terrible search tool. Goodbye and good riddance to Bing

  • @reid:

    Did you ever try Bing?

    I tried the, and found Bing to be plesantly useful.

    I now use Bing more than Google, and don't regret it.

    Google is so, so -- last century.

  • This is a good example of realizing and meeting due diligence. This puts very granular controls in the lap of the local network administrator, where they belong.

    It looks like Microsoft/Bing is doing a _lot_ of things correctly right out of the gate. That's why I'm using Bing and moving away from Google for most needs.

  • good news ,bad news?O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

  • Bing is better than Live Search. Thanks for the great stuff.

  • Bing is a great search engine. Though people claim that there are no extra functionalities, I found the multimedia search to be super cool. The images are awesome and videos are not bias towards just youtube, which is the case in Google. It is a sweet search engine :). Nice work MSFT !! Keep going...

  • The concept is something, I've wanted from other websites for a long time.  I block Images and movies in public school.  Movies are blocked for 2 reasons (bandwidth hog being the other).  Bing is different but not that much better.  You put in a 'nasty 12 year old type' search and though you may not get the movie or the pix, you still get the title of the picture or movie (which is descriptive itself) and the location it was found (URL). Write that down kid, so you can find it directly on your mom's home computer.  I still don't like their approach. Bing stays blocked.