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Bringing a Bit of Twitter to Bing

 There has been much discussion of real-time search and the premium on immediacy of data that has been created primarily by Twitter. We’ve been watching this phenomenon with great interest, and listening carefully to what consumers really want in this space. Today we’re unveiling an initial foray into integrating more real time data into our search results, starting with some of the more prominent and prolific Twitterers from a variety of spheres. This includes Tweets from folks from our own search technology and business sphere like Danny Sullivan or Kara Swisher as well as those from spheres of more general consumer appeal like Al Gore or Ryan Seacrest.

Starting later today, when you search for these folks names in association with Twitter, you’ll see their latest Tweets come up in real time on Bing’s search results. For example, if you type “Kara Swisher Twitter” or “Kara Swisher Tweets” or even “@karaswisher” as your search query, you’ll see something like the below. (Note this feature will be rolling out gradually over the course of the next few hours so you may not see it right away.)


The answer will include that person’s latest Tweets, along with an easy link to “See more tweets” from that individual.

We’re not indexing all of Twitter at this time… just a small set of prominent and prolific Twitterers to start. We picked a few thousand people to start, based primarily on their follower count and volume of tweets. We think this is an interesting first step toward using Twitter’s public API to surface Tweets in people search. We’d love to hear your feedback as we think through future possibilities in real time search.

And while we may not be famous, we are prolific, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all the latest news from Bing!

Sean Suchter, General Manager, Search Technology Center, Silicon Valley


  • Great development, thanks for the post.

  • I am a fan of Bing. However, new and exciting features alone won't propel Bing into the stratosphere. Google did a great job of brainwashing the media and common populace into the "Do no evil" mantra.

    Bing needs to work on the masses with something more creative. Advertising and Marketing alone won't do.

    Bing is great. Don't rest easy.

  • Great addition. Too bad this effort will be buried under the jeers and played out snark that accompanies anything to do with MS and Bing.

  • This is an awesome feature that I didn't even know I'd love until I saw it here. Proof that there are some innovative minds at work in search @MSFT. Keep it up, and lets see some more stuff rolling out!

  • How do I get on that list?

  • How do you expect us to take this seriously when hasn't even picked up the $99 iPhone story yet? Seriously, google "$99 iphone" and then search for it on Google has links to how to get it, whereas the bing results are still speculating that it "may be" in the works. You've got a long way to go.

  • @Scott hooks:

    The only way to take it seriously is to bing it and verify it for yourself :).

  • great job,

    creat more interesting functions and be open to developers will bring bing more

  • I love it, thanks so much :) I was using modded greasemonkey scripts to have bing + twitter on google, this is so much cleaner. Keep it coming like this please.

  • This is a great development and evolution of search. Best of luck!

  • That feature has been available on for a while.">

    There are many more features to get inspiration from here: good luck

  • Does it mean Bing doesn't honor Twitter's robot.txt?

  • hmmm bing is becoming really good

  • Love the innovation that is Bing.  Keep it coming and say goodby to Google.

  • Hmmm yes not to my surprise...Already I have been expecting this, and I think now the race is getting more heated up!!!