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The Eye of the Storm – Jeremy Somers

Last week we unveiled the much anticipated winner of the first ever Bing Home Page photo contest. Jeremy Somers’s spectacular image of the Sydney cityscape lit up by an amazing lightning storm was picked out of 9,400 eligible photos. With more than 13,200 people weighing in on their favorites, we’re excited to feature Jeremy’s photo as today’s Bing Home Page image.




From his Grandmother’s apartment building in Sydney, Australia Jeremy took this photo using a Canon 300D, set on a tripod with a 30 second exposure, standing out in the open for four hours in the drizzling rain. He took more than 700 shots with about 80 of those capturing lightning. Of those 80, this one shot really captured what this storm had to offer that night.


Jeremy’s love for photographing Mother Nature started at a very early age while on a trip to Yosemite National Park with his grandfather. With a borrowed camera from his mom, he quickly became hooked on trying to document every tree and rock as they walked through the park. His grandfather was instrumental in the growth of this new found creative outlet, encouraging him to get up at dawn to capture those early morning shots and accompanying him on photography tours through the valley.



After that trip, Jeremy was on his way. He started his own photography company with a friend at the age of 16. He worked in a professional photography lab for 7 years, where he learned a lot about editorial photography and went on to attend both photography and graphic design school. Today Jeremy is a graphic designer by day and a photographer by night. Lucky for us, his passion with photography is mainly focused on capturing images of storms, which he did magnificently with this winning photo. You can view more of Jeremy’s artwork, photography and interests in his portfolio and blog.


We were very excited that so many of you took part in our first Bing Home Page contest and hope that this is something we can continue to offer as a great way for people to capture other amazing images and get involved in the inspiring Bing Home Page.


Thank you again to everyone that took the time to submit photos and vote!

Kristin Meldahl, Bing


  • By today, do you mean tomorrows? Today (Sunday) appears to be Wyoming.

  • why not provide the bing photos in a (photo) rss feed which updates daily ... i am aware that in windows 7 you can set ur wallpaper to a (photo) rss feed ... it would be great to set the wallpaper as the bing photos!!

  • Great photo and from a fellow Australian. Pity about the Bing search box marring such a great picture.

  • I wish you would consider making a Windows 7 Theme which consists of the first 6 or 7 chosen photographs. You could have some Bing sounds to go with it!

  • dude we gonna rock by these photos

  • Congratulations! That picture is beautiful.

  • @sean - We posted this blog post a bit early so that it was live for those in Australia since they are ahead by a few hours.

    @umangs94 - I will propose this to the homepage team. Sounds like a great idea.

  • Congratulations Jeremy, really nice shot.

    @Elwyn, you can download this picture from author's page and nothing will be marring it :)

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  • Yes, Jeremy truely has photography talent. Amazing photo!

  • wow! what an amazing photo. where can i see the other 9391 photos?

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  • I must say I really enjoy all the various images that Bing uses for their home page. This one sure does fit the criteria they are looking for.

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