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The Bing Jingle Winner is…

We want to thank everyone who submitted their Bing jingles to our Bing YouTube site. We were amazed at the creativity and variety of all the entrants. After much anticipation, a multitude of voting and discussion, we are very pleased to announce that the winner of the very first Bing Jingle contest is “Bing Goes the Internet” by Jonathan Mann, known on YouTube as “The Rock Cookie Bottom.”


Jonathan writes a song every day, makes a corresponding video and posts it to his YouTube channel and on his website This winning Bing Jingle video was created using a homemade green screen which is basically just one of Jonathan’s bedroom walls painted green, along with some lights fixed to the ceiling. His concept from the beginning was to have fun and make it a bit silly. He thought the idea of searching for "Learn how to dance like Jonathan" while dancing in the foreground would be pretty hilarious. And lucky for us it was both catchy and funny! Jonathan’s Bing jingle was his 202nd song, and we are excited to keep watching his creativity as he continues with his mission of a song a day.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did watching these videos and hope you will participate in future contests. Keep an eye on us for any announcements of new contests by following us on twitter or by becoming a fan on Facebook.

Thanks again!

T.I. and T.O.I.

*UPDATE* Remember the contest winner was chosen based on views and ratings. We are impressed that this has created such a stir. -KristinM


  • For the top and go...

  • Thanks.

    Jonathan's video says its the 203rd song. In your post its the 202nd song.

    Nice song Jonathan.

  • OMG is this really the best idea/song/jingle you guys have, NO offense to Jonathan Mann, but are you SERIOUS?

  • With some offense to Jonathan this the best idea/ song/ jingle he had...are you SERIOUS?

  • Its really very clever when you think about the demographic he's aiming for.

  • Funnny!

  • bing on facebook link in the post is broken

  • Wow.  Just wow.

    That was completely awful.  And you plan to take on Google with that??

  • The song is awful.

    But what's even more awful is that you hosted the contest on <cough>Google's<cough> YouTube.

    C'mon, guys! You own! It's like using Disneyland to host a Bugs Bunny convention!

  • One word: Awful

  • This contest is the most unscientific one I have ever seen.  The interns of Bing based the winner on the number of hits. Just because someone hits on the video, it is often based on the frequency of it's pop-up and if some one sees many views, they are more likely to click on it than if there were few views.  The logic by the interns was that you voted before you could see the video, or if you were stacking the numbers, all you had to do was to repeat clicking on the video you wanted to win.  Based on this very irrational mind-set, I believe that Bing will not have a chance in competing with Google.  I, for one, will choose Google over Bing, any day of the year.

  • >or by becoming a fan on Facebook.

    Links to someone's desktop.

    Using MS Word lately? :P

  • This song is insanely catchy.

  • hahaha..............................

    bingbong, are you joking guys?

  • Jonathan Mann's Bing Jingle is truly amazing! He deserves the winning.