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Site Tweaks and Tune Ups with SEM 101

I have noticed there has been some really positive discussion in the Webmaster Center blog around how to optimize your site. I wanted to highlight some of the recent information that the Webmaster Center team has published on optimizing site architecture in their SEM 101 column that should be useful to webmasters and web publishers.

There are four recent posts that explore various aspects of site architecture optimization: file/page issues, links, content, and page meta information.

Site Architecture and SEO – file/page issues (SEM 101)

Making links work for you (SEM 101)

Architecting content for SEO (SEM 101)

Head’s up on <head> tag optimization (SEM 101)

We hope that this series is useful. If you are looking for more information on the topic of site optimization, make sure you regularly check out the Webmaster Center blog.

Kristin Meldahl, Bing


  • I regularly check Webmaster Center blog for useful and firsthand information. As a web developer, I've learned a lot here, and will continue to do so.

  • Can you explain more about SEM 101

  • @Pulsa,

    Hover your mouse on these terms: "file/page issues", "links", "content", and "page meta information", "Site Architecture and SEO – file/page issues (SEM 101)", "Making links work for you (SEM 101)", Architecting content for SEO (SEM 101)" and "Head’s up on <head> tag optimization (SEM 101)".

    All of them are Hyperlinked and the links provide a wealth of information you're looking for.

  • We follow all your post its great package for new to seo. keep post new ideas

  • i often go to webmaster blog, there are many good issues and tips for seo, Thanks!

  • It's going to be important for all webmasters to understand how Bing indexes sites, so that we can ensure we are not doing anything inadvertantly that will reduce our rankings

  • i agree that the webmaster blog can be useful.

  • Considering Bing is a decision engine on top of a search engine it will be interesting to see how the Bing search algorithm adopts traditional forms of SEO and SEM as well as (whatever) makes decision engine technology work.

  • Hi,

    I regularly check Webmaster Center blog for useful tips.


  • I must admit the Bing community is a great new addition.

  • Great links, I can't wait to check them all out, they look like very good information!

  • Thanks for keeping us up to date, hopefully there will be some notice when changes will adversely effect rankings.

  • I have been an SEO for some time. But I am still picking up new bits of information as I go along. Very helpful.

  • Very useful information, SEM tips can be found all over the web but these specific links you provide in the post give a lot of detail and should help many people understand the value and work required for good SEO practices.

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