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Welcome home

We continue to get a lot of great feedback about the stunning imagery on the homepage. We read your comments carefully and it seems that some folks aren’t finding everything the homepage has to offer. So I’m here with answers to some common questions about the page.

Ever wanted to know more about the pictures?

If you want to explore the day’s image, mouse over it until you find a hotspot:


Hotspots are like Easter eggs. If you hunt, you’ll find four of them every day. Each gives you a chance to find out more about the image: what the picture is of, where it was taken, and even some interesting trivia that we’ve dug up. It’s a little edutainment for your day!

Want just the facts?

If you’re in more of a hurry and just want to know where the picture was taken, mouse over the copyright symbol in the lower-right corner to see a quick caption about the image, as well as the photographer’s name and agency.


Did you miss one?

If you missed the previous day’s image (or just want to see it again) click the arrows next to the copyright symbol to scroll through the past 7 days of homepages. You can interact with each page just as you could when it originally appeared.


Stephanie Horstmanshof
Bing Editorial Lead



  • I love the images, in fact I visit the homepage every day to enjoy the new photo.

    One complain, I cannot install silverlight easily, and it is a pity that I cannot browse earlier images. There is absolutely no reason to require silverlight for this feature.

  • just a silly bug i found in the comments (and you guys don't have a general feedback form!):

    the pager at the bottom of the comments list has the wrong labels.  comments seem to be ordered oldest to newest, but the pager has you click "older" to go to the next page (what are actually newer comments).

    it's a small thing, but thought you should know!  keep up the good work overall, i like the homepage pictures!

  • As we can see Bing's new features attract every netizen. Especially the images in the homepage that differs for the country specific searches give a lot more info about the places that are related to that country. The whole informative package and the similar places and their info are appealing. The navigation that is provided by the boxes being displayed is to be appreciated. Also the similar results in the navigation at the side pane is surely going to be a huge factor that makes it stand ahead of its competitors.

  • I think the images are fantastic and I come here each day just to see the new ones.  As a search engine it is good, but I am not sure I really know how to use it to its full potential.  How is it intutiative? How is it better than other search engines?  I don't see this yet.

  • You fixed the pager labels!  Thank you!

    There's another reason to like Bing, they listen to feedback (though I still think you sould add a general feedback form for feedback on things other than search results)

  • In today's Bing Homepage, its not showing the arrows for checking the 7 days archive to see previous days images. Has this feature removed? Please bring it back.

  • I agree with the majority on here! In fact, I have set the Bing home page as my home page, just so I can 'hover over' and find out more about the picture!

    What's wrong with making your search engine more interesting to users? Or more attractive? It doesn't have to be just a boring box to type in!

    The thing that I would love the Bing team to do, is make a Bing theme for Windows 7 made up of say 7 or 8 of the most popular pictures used from around the world. That would be cool!

  • the homepage is brilliant. it's my default homepage for the browser as well.

  • I dont like Bing i still prefer Google

    Bing (Microsoft and Yahoo) are trying to push Google

    out and take over.

    I think what Microsoft and Yahoo are doing is unfair, mean and inconsiderate.

    Go Google!

  • great blog

  • i also miss the back/forward buttons on the images

  • The arrows to view previous pictures are no longer there. Why not? I appreciated this feature as I am not at a computer every day but don't want to miss out on either the photography or the information found with the easter eggs!  Please bring them back!!

  • this homepage thing is the best ever.  In office, everyday we discuss this.  Adds so much to our knowledge.  Waiting for you to start this on the India page too.  Many who dont know the option of going to the U.S. page miss out on this.

  • I installed Silverlight, just so I could see the image from Bing's home page yesterday. I still don't have the arrows next to the copyright to go back seven days.

    I agree that the Bing home page has pretty photos, but it would be nice if I didn't have to install something just to get what I consider something fairly basic.

    Oh, and then, the first click I linked on from Bing's own search to install Silverlight, was a dead end.

  • simply gr8