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Thank You and Happy New Year!

What a year 2009 was for the team here at Bing. Launching Bing has been exciting and we are thankful to those of you that turn to the Bing Blog for all the latest information on all things Bing. We are looking forward to continuing our passion for search and connecting with all of you in 2010 whether here or @bing.


Wishing all of you a very happy new year in 2010. May next year be just as exciting and full as the last.

All our best!

The Bing Team


  • Wish You all Happy New Year 2010 :) Have a great great time and B' Happy

  • Thx and good luck promoting the website

  • happy new yeaaaarrr

  • Happy New Year. I want to know that how can i put my website into Microsoft`s bing search engine?

  • Happy New Year to everybody!

  • Happy New Year and it's been my pleasure being around here almost everyday helping site owners who have crawling and indexing issues.

  • Happy New Year to everyone. Let's things are 10 times better this year.

  • Happy News Year 2010.

  • Happy New Year Bing!

  • Happy new year to you all at Bing, 2009 was a good year, make 2010 even better!


    happy new year 2010!

    warm greeting from Bali island 0_0

  • happy new year to do you guys as well, i hope 2010 will be xbox 360 year, m really excited abt the project natal

  • happy new year to you guys

  • Happy new year!!

  • Happy new year!