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Updated Bing App for Windows Phone

We’re happy to announce two new features to the Bing app for Windows phones. The first is a redesign to the home page. We changed the navigation to give people faster access to common searches, such as Movies and Traffic.


 The second feature is turn-by-turn navigation for Windows 6.x phones, powered by Bing Maps. We took advantage of the Microsoft Tellme team’s expertise in voice applications to deliver an amazingly lifelike voice experience for the turn-by-turn navigation. If you have a Windows phones on Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T you can use the voice guided navigation.

Now when getting directions with Bing, you’ll see a new “Navigate” button. By selecting it, Bing will calculate your route, and guide you as you drive. You can select the fastest or shortest route, choose to avoid traffic and/or tolls, get a map or a list of directions, and see arrows and hear alerts to know which way to turn next.  

clip_image002 clip_image003 clip_image004 clip_image005

The navigation feature is compatible with the phones below. If you have one of these and are in the U.S., check your phone for the update or go to

Windows phone

HTC Fuze

HTC Pure


HTC Tilt 2

HTC Touch Diamond 2

HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Pro 2

Motorola Q9c

Samsung Jack

Samsung Omnia II

Samsung Propel

T-Mobile Dash 3G

 Justin Jed - Bing for Mobile


  • Are you sure this works on HTC Touch HD? I still get the old 2009 versio whenever I download from  It's getting very frustrating always being told there is a new version out, when infact there isn't for all users.

  • Navigation is a very good addition, will save people from having to buy those navigation apps. Am personally waiting for Windows Phone 7 later this year, apps should be even better on the new platform!  

  • I just installed this on my Touch Pro 2 and just got a notification saying, "Your device is not officially supported for this version, but should work as expected. We are working to expand device support in the future." Also, I tried out the movie finder portion of the application and it only showed me five different movies rather than all of the ones that are currently showing in my town. There was a link for more on MSN, but that only took me to info on A Nightmare on Elm Street. It should display all available shows as the previous version did. I do like how it looks however.

  • and when will UK get the new version with the new features?

  • 快点出个Android版的Bing吧

  • I can't believe Microsoft GIMPED this app FOR VERIZON restricting the "voice turn by turn" to a link to launch "verizon navigator".

    That is simply pathetic!

  • Go Bing! Just downloaded it to my Sprint Touch Pro 2! It rocks! I wanted to get an Android phone just because of Google Navigator, but in Bing plays its cards right, I may not need to!

  • Totally pathetic that Microsoft RESTRICED "turn-by-turn to a button to launch "verizon navigator".

  • I'm pretty sure Microsoft didn't have much of a choice on whether or not to add turn by turn to Verizon.  Verizon probably told Microsoft couldn't add it to the app since it would kill all existing business with the Verizon Navigator.

  • Utterly useless application in Canada.

    I've been waiting for Live Maps, then Bing to return search results that are relevant to Canadians.

    If I go to the full Bing site, I can get search results meaningful to me - like the closest Tim Hortons.

    This applcation doesn't even allow me to switch temperature to Celsius and distances to Kilometers, so I don't understand its results even when I'm over on the USA side of the border.

    Your competition has added Voice Search (Google Maps 4) to my Windows Phone. I can get local search results and street directions easily with their application. Why would I want to buy a Windows Phone in Canada? Why? You guys sold me a phone, but the services to use it with the OS maker's tools won't be available any time soon.

    My current Windows phone is my 5th generation PPC/PocketPC/Windows Mobile device and I'm having a hell of a time justifying OS for my next device.

    I mean, seriously - how much work is it to add Miles/Kilometers to a config menu in the app? Why is it that Google can write an app that's location based and provides local search results worldwide for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows devices in less time than it takes Microsoft to write a client that supports more than 4 countries?

  • Doesn't seem to want to find My Location on my Sprint Touch Pro 2.  Disappointing.

  • I miss the quick list of gas prices from the old app. I love Bing ... I'm just saying ....

  • @eddy_grubb – Bing supports your device. Try the link at for the new app.

    @tekdragon – Bing supports your device. Let us know if you encounter any issues with navigation.

    @gcianc – try uninstalling the old Bing app (delete the Bing folder), then install the new app from It should work fine on your device.

    @stephen_wardell – we’re working on expanding features to other regions, but no firm dates yet.

  • This is AWESOME!  Thanks for adding this to Bing, I've been waiting for this feature on my HD2!  I've checked out the video demo of it on and it looks amazing.  I've already downloaded to my phone and can't wait to test it on my way home.  

  • I have a Tilt2.  And I still get the Beta version.  I uninstalled the previous version.  No new Menu on the front page.  And no navigation.

    Further, in the Beta version, it could never keep the moving object (car or walker) centered in the map.  And so it got to be useless.  I grew tired of always moving the map, so that I was in the center of the map.

    The video looks stunning on PocketNow.  But it won't run that way on my Tilt2, with an updated ROM.