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Bing it on Firefox 4

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the launch of Internet Explorer 9 and highlighted how you can get the most out of Bing on the world’s most popular browser.

In our quest to make Bing super easy to use from any browser, last October we announced our work with Mozilla to make Bing one of the default search engine choices in Firefox 4.  Today we are proud to showcase the work we’ve done with Mozilla to make it easier to use Bing on Mozilla Firefox 4 which shipped globally last week.

Now in a few simple clicks Firefox users can set Bing as their search provider.

In the right hand corner of Firefox 4, simply pull down the menu and select the Bing icon.

Once set, users can type their query directly into the search bar without having to visit first.

Congratulations to Mozilla on their release and their partnership to help Firefox users get the most out of Bing.

Let us know if you find this useful.

Tor Steiner, Bing


  • I discover the FireFox and Bing to have very valuable information for everyone...

  • So, does Mozilla get revenue from Bing if a user selects to use Bing within the default choices?