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Bing on Xbox: The Future of Entertainment Search


Imagine a world where hunting for the lost remote control or endlessly scrolling through a scheduling guide becomes a thing of the past.   

Instead, what if the entertainment you wanted to have was simple, discoverable and exactly what you wanted at that particular moment? With the release of the new Xbox 360 experience the future of entertainment search is here. With Bing on Xbox you can sort through all of your entertainment content – including movies, games, TV shows, apps and music – with just the sound of your voice.  Beginning December 6th and in the coming months, voice search with Bing on Xbox will start to roll out, enabling you to easily find the entertainment you’re looking for, across: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comcast Xfinity on Demand, HBO Go, Zune and more across Xbox LIVE.  

Bing on Xbox opens up living room entertainment the same way search engines opened up the web. When you think about the state of entertainment, there isn’t a lack of selection, the challenge is finding what you want in a timely manner. Now when you say “Xbox, Bing, Star Trek,” Bing will show you all the available options for the movies, music, games, on-demand TV and apps that match that title.

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Our goal with features like Bing on Xbox is to make Bing available in convenient and intuitive ways that take advantage of the capabilities of your device. You can see this today with features like: voice search on Bing for Mobile, implicit search such as Local Scout on Windows Phone, the ability to search using your phone’s camera with Bing Vision, and touch/contextual search through the Lasso feature on the Bing for iPad. With Bing on Xbox, we are introducing a more natural way to search on the TV. And as a result, you can spend more time enjoying your entertainment, and far less time hunting for it.

Bing on Xbox voice search will initially be available in English in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. for select Zune video, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and select content partners. For those who do not have a Kinect for Xbox 360, text search, via the Xbox 360 controller, is available in Xbox LIVE markets.

For more specifics on the Xbox 360 announcement, including updates to the Xbox 360 dashboard, please check out the press release here.

You say it, Bing on Xbox finds it.

- Mike Nichols, General Manger, Bing


  • Keep up the great work, Bing!

  • Wow this great microsoft silver light..

    Good job

  • I used my 360 in the past to only play 360, XBL and dvds....and I don't even want to do anything else with it now. Those services are just a waste of technology, no more, no less...

  • A waste of technology?  Hardly.  Try this out.  Take a windows 7 pc, throw a ceton tuner in it along with a cable card and now you can use Windows Media Center (WMC) to watch TV.  BTW, WMC interface kills Tivo, and Comcast's dvr interface is a joke.  Now, throw an XBOX on the network with your WMC and you can stream 1080 HD live and recorded tv to it (repeat for up to 4 xbox systems).  From XBOX and WMC, with a single ceton turner and cable card, you can record and watch up to 4 shows at once. Got another PC, throw in ceton's network bridge and you're in business.  Now, throw a windows phone on the network and sync your recorded television to your phone and hand that to your yapping kids while out to dinner.  So why is this not a waste of technology?  Because if you have this configuration your experience is about to get improved by being able to bark commands at your XBOX to deliver the media you want.

  • Thanks Bing for looking for better ways to search.

  • When will the update be avalible? I have anticapated this for a while! Can't wait until you do update it. I hope it is everythiong you promised it would be. Great job Microsoft for leaving Sony in the dust!!!!!!!!!

  • So. Very. Excited about this!

  • Everything Microsoft have been doing lately is just done right. I love this company. cant wait for incom tax time to buy my xbox

  • Please, please, please push the roleout of Bing to more international sites.....make Ireland top of your list, we are ready to be saved from the monotony of Google.....we'll buy you a pint Guinness for your troubles! just downloaded the new Xbox updates and I love the new dashboard......nice work guys.

  • This looks great, well done bing.

  • I'm loving this. It didn't take long to learn and navigate the dashboard. Another bonus is that it's teaching my 1.5-year-old new words...

    "Xbox, Bing, Community."



    "NECK! NECK! NECK!" (Kinect somehow interprets this as "Go Back").

    "Aaargh... Xbox, Bing, Community."

  • I love you guys for this absolutely wonderful update.  :D

  • Will you have to learn your xbox to know your voice? Like reading a lot of text before you can manage something.

  • The Xbox learns your voice in real time; there is no training necessary. The kinect works like the iPhone's Siri in terms of voice recognition.

  • I'm not bored with Bing compared to the other one. If someone want to ask me information I don't know - I just say "Bing It!"