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Just Got a New Phone? Time to Download the Bing App


It’s the time of year when new phones are hitting the market. You may be holding a brand new smartphone and wondering which apps have the essential search and mapping functionality you need. Well, you’re in luck because Bing has you covered. For years we’ve put a lot of work into helping people find what they need so they can get more done. With the Bing App for iPhone, we can help you find what you need and help you get there – whether it’s down the street, on the other side of the world, or somewhere in between. We make it easy, too. Just tell Bing what you are looking for with voice-activated search - even addresses- when you need to be hands-free, and let Bing do the rest.


Get there faster with Bing 

  • Get walking, transit, and driving directions with current traffic conditions and maps
  • Find out what’s near you: deals, shops, restaurants, and much more
  • See movie ratings, read reviews, watch trailers, and get info about where and when it’s playing so you can pick the perfect flick

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See what your friends like

  • Search and see which results your Facebook friends liked
  • Easily share images, articles, apps, deals, and more with your Facebook friends. They can comment and like the stuff you share, giving you their opinion anytime, anywhere

Are you visual?

  • Image search has endless scrolling results, letting you easily scan through image previews and click straight through to the image host site
  • Find and watch videos from Hulu, ABC, MSN, and YouTube

Scan and Search

  • Use Bing Vision to search using your phone’s camera. Scan barcodes, Microsoft Tags, or QR codes and Bing will instantly return product information, giving you valuable research that will inform you before you buy
  • Bing Vision can also recognize cover art from books, CD, DVDs, and video games
  • Use Bing’s voice-activated search for an easy, hands-free way to find what you need

Download the free Bing App for iPhone for a rich search and mapping experience. Let us know what you think!

- The Bing Mobile Team


  • why is it not available in all iTunes stores?

  • It's not available in the Philippines, either. This is strange, because I can use Bing on the browser; The restriction is pointless.

  • Can we get this in Canada soon?

  • Will this help solve the poor iOS 6 maps experience?

  • Its also not available here in Switzerland.


  • Not available in the UK.

  • Not available in the UK.

  • Not available in the UK.

  • Not available on Android in the UK.

  • Not available on Android in the UK.

  • Not available on Android in the UK.

  • Not available on Android in the UK.

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  • Please release it for the Swiss App store. Pretty Please :) Bing maps are quite good around Switzerland.