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What the airlines don’t want you to know

You booked your plane ticket, carefully packed your luggage and showed up at the airport thinking you knew what to expect. But the airline says your bag is overweight and wants to charge you a fee — even though you think their scale is off. And that’s just the beginning of your problems.

In a new article on Bing Travel, Budget Travel details the 8 things the airlines would never tell you. Airline insiders have disclosed some of their most surprising secrets, things they probably don’t want you to know.

What’s your reaction to these revelations? Share your thoughts and experiences with other travelers in the comments section.


  • file this one under 'DUH!'.  The ashtrays in the chair arms will tip you off to the age of the aircraft.  I don't care about scales and luggage.  If you travel with more than one small bag you should be charged a mint.  i hate standing behind the pack-rats.  Obviously the air on a plane is going to suck.  Human Beings stink, and the plane is loaded with them.

    All I care about is that the plane takes off on time and gets me to my destination with as few hassles as possible,  if the plane has a minor problem i don't want to know about it.  get me to my destination and fix it on your own time.

  • this happened to my mom yesterday!!! Delta charged her an "Overweight" fee going to LGA where she was going to JFK to catch an international flight, at JFK they found her suite cases where 3LB less then what Delta told her!

  • Can't wait until they get fined just like Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Liars, Thieves , oh my!

  • The biggest fraud perpetrated by all the airlines is regarding the use of frequent flyer miles. Just try to use them...  can you say red eye only on the 12th of never!

  • On July 27th I had flown on Continental Airlines flight CO1002 from Newark N.J. to Los Angeles Ca.. I had specifically requested a window seat due to my size, anyway after I was seated in my assigned window seat the flight attendant had come up to me and asked me if I would give up my seat to accommodate a mother and child who purchased there tickets minutes before the flight and would I move to the rear of the plane and sit in a middle seat, so the child could sit with the mother instead of his grandmother who was also on the flight. I declined stating that I had specifically requested a window seat due to the fact that I am a large man and that putting me in a middle seat would make myself as well as the two people on either side of me very uncomfortable, the child could sit in the middle seat therefore not infringing on mine or any other passengers comfort.

                  She walked away and then returned with another flight attendant and made the same request, again I declined, the third time she returned with two other flight attendants who told me that if I refused to move the plane would not leave the gate and I would be removed from the flight. So basically I was bullied into moving. They set me in an aisle seat in the rear of the plane. Every time anyone walked by I was bumped into, I was struck with the beverage cart, and to top that all off the flight attendant spilled a drink on me and then walked away laughing about the incident instead of apologizing to me or offering me a napkin. I was also never given the opportunity to fill out any sort of incident report on the flight, and when I asked for some napkins to clean the puddle of ginger ale in my shoe the flight attendant told me to go to the head and get it myself. Also the spill damaged my I pod.

                I had called the customer care line and spoke first to a Janet Whitman who told me that she would be filing a report and that I would be contacted within a few days with a resolution. I never received a call back from her, so I called again and when I gave the confirmation code to my complaint I was informed this was a non-valid code which meant that no such complaint was filed. So I re-filed my complaint and again was told I would be contacted within a few days. Again I was not contacted so I called again, this time I was told that a letter was sent to me. When I returned home I did in fact find a letter, this letter was not an apology however, and this letter was just informing me that my comments would be added to your customer service training report, which means nothing to me.

                  I had called again and complained again, at that point I was told to contact a Janet Luper, who is in charge of spills, so I called her and she had told me to send her my ipod and a copy of the receipt and she would see what she could do. Instead of doing that I went ahead and contacted Apple and they honored my warranty providing me with a new I pod.

                         However I feel that although my I pod situation is resolved Continental Airlines still owes me something for the inconvenience that I had to go through. On August 19, I had received another letter from your customer care center, Ms. Janet Whitman to be exact, and it was the same form letter that I had received earlier, so I called the customer service center again to complain about this letter. This time however I spoke to a Ms. Kit Bradbury who was without a doubt the rudest, most unprofessional representative I have spoken with to date.

                       When I told her the situation her exact words were "I am not going to do a goddamn thing for you, you should have moved the first time you were asked, we do not guarantee seats and if you don't like it than take your business elsewhere!" Which leads me to this question, if seats are not guaranteed than what is the point in making a reservation with a specific seat assignment? When I had asked to speak to her supervisor she told me that she was refusing to transfer me, so it was at that point that I had decided to write this letter to you, as well as all the local newspapers. I had asked Ms. Bradbury for her employee I.D. number and she refused to give it to me stating I was "lucky" she told me her name. Than she told me to "Go to hell" and hung up the phone. Continental Airlines boasts that you are voted "1 in customer service yet after dealing with your customer care department I can not understand why.

  • It seems to me the amount of money the airlines are soaking the american tax payer, they could afford new air crafts and make the skies a much safer place.

  • These tactics have to be against some code of ethics. And the airlines actually want our business after publishing information like this? How about leaving the gate only to sit on the tarnmac so the airline can qualify for an "on-time departure?" Disgusting!

  • If you lose a bag on a regional carrier operating for a major carrier you simply complain to the major carrier, afterall it is they who handle your bag, not the regional carrier as the author of this article incorrectly believes.  Furthermore, cabin air is only contaminated if a seal breaks on the bleed air line that allows exhaust fumes into the cabin.  This is a very very rare occurance and will not last more then a few moments as the pilots simply shut the bleed air valve to the engine before passengers even know there is a problem.  

  • How about when they cancel flights just a few hours before takeoff and put all those passengers on a later flight?  Think they ever give the real reason for the cancellation?  This industry lies to its customers, or at best withholds the truth.  

  • I have had such bad experiences flying; I do not want to fly at all anymore.  What used to be a pleasant experience has turned into a trip to hell.  There is not enough room, not enough food, not enough fresh air. Not enough pilots, or stewards. The worst is that you have no control of anything, you are at their mercy.  Deregulation has harmed many industries, it has ruined the airlines. I will not fly until it is customer driven.

  • Recently I had a flight. I put my seat belt on for landing and the buckle could slide to the end of the slack without resistance. I was alittle panicked. I called the stewardess over, and she grabbed the end of the strap and it forced the buckle in tight on my belly. The buckle would not move, but it was too tight. I told the stewardess and she just walked away. The passenger next to me was laughing the whole time. Trying to board the flight the fumes on the runway flow into the cabin. It was almost unbearable. I felt nauseous on the flight out and back because of the horrible air on the plane and the turbulence was horrible. It felt like we were going to crash. The plane dropped some while making a turn. Felt like the plane was out of control for a few seconds. The captain appologized for it.

  • Jet Blue actually made me repack my bag after it weighed 51 pounds (my wife's bag only weighed 45 pounds). Only *one* pound over the limit. I had to hurriedly rearrange the contents of all of my luggage (that was carefully packed until then). And then head for another big line in security. Thankfully the airline was boarding late other wise I would have missed the flight - for one pound!

  • Let's see ... I am not guaranteed a seating assignment.  Didn't I read somewhere just recently that some airlines were going to start charging extra from aisle or window seats.  They darn well better give me the seat that I pay for if I have to pay extra for it!

  • I learned my lesson, never fly Continental. Ever.

    I wrote out a complaint too, it was replied to, but just a robo type of letter. Shame on them.

    Fair warning!!!

  • Craig, thank you so much for your story. I'll think twice before flying with this airline again.

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