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Countries with the best-looking locals

Some travelers observe that certain countries seem to have more attractive people than others. Is it something in the air or the water? Or do good genes in that society somehow churn out generation after generation of good-looking locals?

In a new Bing Travel slide show, we’ve picked 12 countries with people whose smiling faces are an attraction worth traveling to see. For example, Venezuela has more combined Miss World and Miss Universe titles than any other country — and Venezuelans tend to be some downright gorgeous people! We also think that Spain, native country of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, has a high concentration of attractive locals.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one can certainly find almost any country’s people beautiful. Do you agree with our picks for destinations with the best-looking locals? Share your thoughts with other travelers in the comments section.


  • yes we do agree.

  • I think this depends on the attitude towards doing sports and healthy nutrition.

  • I think Spain, Turkey, Lebonon, Chechnya and Italy have high concentration of good looking people.

  • i think Spain an Venezuela!

    Venezuela are a forevery joung people!

    But i love my country Italy, for fashion and beach locality.

    My bathing and tourist city:

  • Certain countries that depend so much on tourism seem to wear good welcoming appearances to foreigners. That's the aspect I know of.

  • I think Trinidad and Tobago should also be considered. Such a cosmopolitan country, with such beautiful people. Though such a small island, they also do very well in the Miss Universe and Miss World pagaents.

  • Seriously surprised that Iran didn't make the list...Persian women are some of the hottest on the planet, case in point:

  • I think the list is pretty good, but one country that I feel shouldn't have been left off is Korea. Both the men and the women there are gorgeous!

  • i think lebanon has the most beautiful girls

  • You ppl completely forgot east and north africa ...y yes im proud to see somalia up there but theres always morroco tunusia algeria ethiopia and my home SUDAN ... which is the most diverse country in africa ranging from milky white skin to black car tires!!!

  • Hey what about South Africa? We are a mix of all the countries combined AKA the rainbow nation!!! So do your research again ;)

  • I thin India has many beautiful men and women.. they are gorgeous! I can't pick one just one country with good-looking people because they all exist everywhere. Italy is known for the gorgeous people too..

  • I think this was totaly biased listing! Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean has some of the most beautiful people in the World! This is due to a multi racial, non -rascist culture of all peoples living together. Cross Cultural Marriages are the norm, so yo have alot of unique combinations of peoples! Beautiful! By the way I am not from there, just telling the truth!

  • I agree with Nas! South Africans are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • This is a pointless feature - there are beautiful people from all corners of this earth. An article like this will always leave people asking 'what about us?'. Let's have more constructive and thoughtful material, thank you.

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