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Haunted hotels: Discover a room with a boo

Three in four Americans believe in the paranormal, according to a 2005 Gallup poll. If you’re one of them, you may be interested to know which accommodations are touting in-room extras that go beyond champagne and chocolates.

In a new slide show, “Haunted Hotels of North America,” Bing Travel offers a spooky guide to spirited stays. Among other choices, you can safely explore the Stanley Hotel of Estes Park, Colo., which inspired Stephen King to write “The Shining,” and New York City’s Hotel Chelsea, which has the specter of guests who check in, but don’t necessarily check out.

Sometimes the most unlikely phenomena can be found at unlikely hotels. The Queen Mary ocean liner, for example, plied the North Atlantic from 1936 to 1967. Now, it’s a hotel and museum permanently moored in Long Beach, Calif. It offers a “Paranormal Shipwalk Tour,” a “Paranormal Investigation Tour” and a “Ghosts and Legends Show.” Meanwhile, the Heceta Head lighthouse in Yachats on the coast of Oregon has been converted to a bed-and-breakfast. Some say that it’s haunted — but even if it’s not, it’s certainly worth a visit just to bask in the spooky, scenic splendor.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you traveled to visit a haunted hotel, or stayed in one that gave you the creeps? Share your thoughts with other travelers in the comments section.


  • yes, i went to the queen mary in long beach, ca. i didnt see any ghosts though

  • Several years ago I traveled to France with 2 friends. We toured by car, and stopped for the night in Bergerac at an old pension(B&B)I went to my room, locked the door and showered. When I came back into my room, a short man in a brown suit of 1920'design was in my room blinking at me. I said (in French) pardon me, i'm just a traveller. As I looked, he dissolved and was gone! I slept fine, but have never forgotten that sad little man.

  • My cousin was working the switchboard years ago at the Hotel Conneaut in Crawford County, PA.  We were in town and decided to visit her at the Hotel.  While there, I decided to use the girls room, and spotted some old folks in the lounge.  Later, I was told by my cousin that infact there was no one staying there that weekend that matched my description of them.  Also shortly after this the switchboard started lighting up, my cousin, exclaimed "Oh, not again!" as there were no guests in the rooms that were ringing, nothing reported to be wrong with the switchboard, that this was a normal occurance.  

  • Very haunting! Much more so than the Stanley Hotel and alot mor fun! It is 135 years old and remains authentically western. Soooo many spirits and sightings.

    Estes Parks haunted secret!

  • I am planning a trip to the Stanley Hotel and would like to know if anyone has stayed there and experienced anything ghostly.

  • I cant believe you left out Sierra Sky Ranch in Oakhurst, CA! It's haunted by a maid, a couple of children & something really evil in the bunk house! They have the best Halloween Parties!!

    You also left out a place in San Diego Harbor's gas lamp district. Its the Del something??  It was built with recycled bricks. A beautiful woman (Madam) knocks on the doors of all single men who stay. They open the door & see her, then she disapears. My son & brother saw her after a wedding reception.

  • Don't forget to try the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  My family and I stayed there in Feb. 08 and caught quite a few orbs and one ghostly figure in the second floor corridor. There's an unnerving feeling throughout the hotel.  Probably has something to do with the 100's of cancer patients that died there in the early 1900's.   Quite the adventure!

  • About ten years ago I stayed at the Historic Farnsworth Inn in Gettysburg, PA. There have been numerous sightings of three or more apparitions, including a maid, a Confederate solidier in the attic, and a young boy supposedly run over by a carriage outside the inn. It really plays up its haunted status with ghost tours and the like, but I stayed in one of the two haunted rooms and really felt a presence that night. In the wee hours, I felt something grab my hand and place it on my chest! Was I just imagining it?  I don't know...

  • The Olde Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake is said to be haunted by the ghosts of soldiers from the War of 1812.  Captain Swayze is a friendly ghost who was killed by the advancing Americans when he hid in a beer keg and was spiked by a bayonet.  He has been known to tidy guest rooms during the night.  Guests report hearing noises such as singing and heavy boots long after the pub has closed. Guest rooms are located above the pub.

  • Hey.. it must be an illusion...

  • The St Francis Hotel in Cimarron New Mexico, is not on this list of hotels..and there are definitely some paranormal activities associated with this hotel.

  • For many years, I happily attended DARK SHADOWS Conventions in Nrw York City. They were held at a small

    hotel near the Statue of Liberty, and all the attendees,

    including myself, had a wonderful time, each time we

    went.  At first held every year, then, alternating

    with California DS Cons, and so held every two years,

    it was almost like a home-coming...meeting all my fellow

    -fans, and being thrilled, again and again, not only to

    see DS episodes....but also, (and primarily), many of

    the DS stars, who came and were right there with us!

    Only one thing bothered me.  Each and every time I

    stepped into that little hotel's lobby, I felt as if,

    somehow, this hotel just would not last.  I also felt

    this feeling upstairs on the floor of my room, but not

    as intensely.  Of course, I told no-one about this

    "silly" feeling, even though I was amongst others who

    were obviously fascinated by the supernatural and para-

    normal.  After all, the conventions were REAL-LIFE

    affairs, and -- as I eventually attended about 6 conven-

    tions altogether, mentioning that I felt the hotel would

    not be there for the next convention, seemed a bit silly.

    After all, it WAS always there for the next time....

    When I stepped from the cab, onto the sidewalk, and then onto the little walkway leading up to the hotel,

    for what was to become the last convention held there,

    I felt -- as I stepped from sidewalk to walkway, suddenly

    as if I had stepped from one dimension into another.  It was like going, suddenly and unexpectedly, from a place with a lot of wind, to one with no wind at all -- or vice versa.  And then I went into the hotel lobby -- and had that same feeling again...the feeling I knew I would have felt, had I somehow been able to go on the deck of the Titanic before it sailed...THIS BUILDING WILL JUST NOT LAST VERY LONG....

    Well, I soon got involved in all the happy Convention activities, and, as usual, forgot my "silly" feelings

    that I always got when first entering the hotel.  At the end of the Convention, there was always a "Banquet" for super-fans like me, who paid a little extra, to have one of the DS stars sit at our table, and hear all the latest news about DS, before anyone else had, besides enjoying a nice little dinner!

    At the end of the banquet, one of the leaders of DS fandom got up and made a speech....ending it with saying that our spirits would probably stay in this room, long after we had left it.  Inwardly, I was shocked and amazed.  I KNEW every single person in the room would exist for a much longer time than this banquet room we were all in, would.

    Well, I FELT it, anyway.  But still, of course, I never said a word.....

    Two weeks after the DS Convention, 9/11 happened -- and the hotel was totally destroyed.  The hotel, you see, was the Vista Hotel -- it's address was World Trade Center 3.  It was the building between the two main World Trade Cemter Towers.  It was a lovely little hotel, and no one

    in it ever did or said anything to make anyone unhappy.

    I learned later, in a DS Newsletter, that all of the hotel employees had gotten out safely.  I also learned, later, from another friend who had gone to all the DS conventions that I had, that SHE too had had these "like being on the Titanic" feelings...but also had said nothing to anyone about them.............

    The Vista Hotel, and my experiences in it, will haunt me for the rest of my life!

  • Once upon a time in the early 80s, 83 I think, my wife to be and I were plucked from our bed in the Oxford Hotel in Denver and deposited gently upon the floor. No bumps or bruises...just out of body experience. We have been fond of Colorado ever since and return annually to Beaver Creek.

  • I have stayed at the mount washington many times and I have seen ghosts. If you are walking around late at night there are people running around, but theres no one there. Also, I found an abandoned part. It's a random stairway that leads to old dusty abandoned rooms. I will never go there at night...

  • Yes! I  once stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, CA. I actually got lost looking for my room. I knew the place was haunted and could feel the spirits. It was an experience I'll never forget.

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