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What’s new in Vegas

It might be easy to think that Las Vegas, that over-the-top bastion of glitz and gaming, has everything. But you’d be wrong: There’s always something new taking shape here.

A new Bing Travel slide show provides an overview of Sin City’s latest and greatest. No matter your interest, you’ll find plenty here to excite and delight you: a huge, 67-acre complex of lavish hotels, dining and shopping; an all-new production from Cirque du Soleil; gambling devices that fit in the palm of your hand; and even a helium balloon that transports you to a bird’s-eye view of the Strip.

What have you seen in Las Vegas that’s new? Or, what cool new thing should Vegas launch? Share your thoughts with other travelers in the comments section.


  • Awesome slides, Las Vegas has way to much money on their hands. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more replicas.

  • Thank you for good information

  • They should have a Vegas version/run of Wicked the Musical

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  • I like the dining and shopping in Vegas and the glittering lights while walking in the sidewalks during the night

  • Two things that I've always thought would be great in Vegas:

    Either a museum or bar with a Rat Pack theme (i.e., Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc.)

    Either a museum or bar with a mob and/or 1930's Chicago theme. The mob was an integral part of Vegas, and there are various cool things that could be done around this theme.

  • vegas neeeeeeds to bring back wet n wild.

  • Fremont Street needs a bit more attention. Things were on the right track for awhile, but that's where you can have lots of fun for way less money than the new glitz-a-ramas are demanding.  Bring back the Star Trek Experience!!


  • I love Vegas!!!  I go there 3-4 times a year.  There is several new places in this article I did not know about it.  Great information.


  • They should take it down (THE NEW CITY CENTER), it looks like it is leaning. Looks awful. I would not want to go inside the buildings.

  • Most of these I have already seen but hey I live in vegas.

    I loved the M and the buffet is amazing. I hope to see you here soon, just tell em Vegas Boy sent ya.

  • Vegas needs some more of the traditional attractions that other cities provide to draw tourism traffic; a full out amusement park. Not just another disneyland or six flags.

    Something spectacular, tied to an awesome water park that is bigger and better than all the rest. tied to the monorail so people can just jump on from their hotels along the strip.

    Something that would draw families back which would entice people to stay another day or so. And forget the traditional obesity eats, make the place stand out with good food.

    An awesome zoo and a top-of-the-line aquarium would likewise draw more traffic that'd likely give people more reason to visit again, and stay at least a day or 2 longer.

    Finally, why doesn't vegas with all of its money have a top-of-the-line race track. Something on the scale of Daytona or better. Already you'd draw a whole new group of people and create new excitement, and likely conventions to go with the whole racing scene.

    With al of that desert, why isn't their any off road racing like in baja, etc ???

  • I'd like to see the monorail connect to McCarren/

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