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Bizarre hotels around the world

Most hotels, no matter how trendy or elegant or luxurious they are, just look like hotels: There’s a standard boxy building, with a warren of rectangular guestrooms, a lobby and a restaurant. But a few hotels are something entirely different.

A new Bing Travel slide show presents some of the strangest places you’ll find around the world to lay your head. Take the Quaker Square Inn in Ohio, which looks exactly like what it once was: a bunch of grain silos. Then there’s the Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey, which was hewn out of rock and resembles an amorphous blob. And if you’re someone who has a hard time sleeping on planes, you might feel differently after spending a night at Jumbo Hostel, a 747-turned-hotel parked next to the Stockholm airport.

I haven’t stayed at any of these strange structures, but I’d especially like to check out Brazil’s Ariau Amazon Towers hotel, high up in the rain forest canopy. Have you stayed at a fantastical hotel, and if so, what was it like? Which strange hotels would you like to visit, and what odd lodgings have you heard of around the world? Share your thoughts with other travelers in the comments section.


  • Without question, these are the strangest hotels I have ever seen. Where do you guys find this stuff anyway. Nice post and thanks for sharing.

  • thanks for d info

  • check out this amazing book: 'Unusual hotels of the world', where most of these hotels are quoted.

  • Did not mention the only Fort Hotel called 'Himmatgarh Palace' in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India. The Rooms are individual units like Fort posts. Pretty cool. Fort Jaisalmer is only fort where people still live. A real wonder from the previous centuries.

  • I wouldn't call the Jumbo hostel bizarre, in fact i'd pay a premium to stay in it!

  • I saw a hotel on TV that was made entirely of ice. I don't remember where it was located. You probably want to leave the electric blanket at home.

  • I'll be flying to Copenhagen, Denmark in lieu of meeting friends of mine in Sweden.  Jumbo Hostel may be a new place to include in my place to explore.  I just want to know the price of each.

  • the kasjotten hotel near oslo norway. it used to be a prison/ mental hospital. now you sleep in rooms that were cells. still has the original doors on the rooms. its supposedly haunted.

  • there are unusual hotels even here in Florida... you can stay in a chickee hut in the Everglades, and in the Keys, there is even a hotel that is completely underwater

  • that´s crazy... :)

  • interesting reading...


    Hotel de sal in Bolivia....event the beds are made of salt.

  • Great stuff. Thanks for the info

  • In San Bernardino, CA there is the Wigwam motel.

    You get to stay in a wigwam/tepee room


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