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The lifetime travel checklist

Some places around the world are easily associated with one iconic activity or another. England has its afternoon tea rituals; Argentina, its sultry tango; and Hawaii, the sport of surfing, a gift from the islands’ first inhabitants.

A new Bing Travel slide show depicts some of these legendary experiences around the world. These are must-do activities — such as enjoying the beach in Los Angeles, quieting the mind in a Japanese garden, or making a pilgrimage to the Statue of Liberty in New York City — that should be sampled by any visitor who wants to get a feel for the places they travel to. Call it the global travel buff’s lifetime checklist.

We think the best of these distinctive experiences are the ones that aren’t limited primarily to tourists. When an activity is enjoyed equally by locals and visitors alike, that’s when it’s a real icon of its homeland.

Which of these essential travel experiences are on your own life list, and which ones have we left out? Share your thoughts with other travelers in the comments section.


  • Hello, very nice topic. I have created a blog giving advices to travelers. Enjoy it.

  • Great list! I still have many more to do. A pity that it is very US centric.

  • need to be included with more countries..

  • Hot air ballooning in Napa Valley

    Dog-sledding in Alaska

  • Parasailing in the gulf of mexico

  • I have been on many of these that are listed and while they were all wonderful NOTHING tops a 2 day mule ride into the Grand Canyon!  Ride the mules down, spend the night at Phantom Ranch and then ride the mules back up.  The most exhilarating vacation EVER!

  • mardi gras, visit the cemeteries, have your fortune told, drink a hurricane, etc in New Orleans!

  • What a bore - been there done that!  Taj Mahal, Xian warriors, Wang Lung sulphur springs, St Petersburg, XingSan Dui.....these are on real travellers lists.

  • Climb the pyramids in Mexico.

  • Swimming with the dophins in Mexico also helmet diving on a reef in Mexico

  • Riding the Peak Tram or the Star Ferry in Hong Kong.

  • Fly up Hells Canyon in a Jet boat. Make sure you go in the summer so you dont mind a taking on a wave in the middle of class 4 and 5 rapids. And have to go all the way to the dam!

  • Times Square!

  • Angkor Wat in Cambodia

    Danube River cruise

    Moscow, St.Petersburg and Siberia

    Yangtze River cruise

    Himalayas in Tibet/Pakistan/Nepal

    Galapagos, Chile, Brazil and Argentina


    The Maritimes, Montreal, Quebec

    Ethiopia and re-vist Egypt

    Turkey-Revisit Istansbul, go to Cappodoccia

    Finally re-visit Paris over and over and over

  • oktoberfest

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