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Vacations for billionaires

T. Harv Eker, author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” shares this affirmation in his motivational lectures: If you want to be rich, you need to admire the rich.

There’s no sense in hating the guy (or gal) driving the Ferrari through the French Alps, for example, if you would like to be the one driving the Ferrari through the French Alps. On the road to wealth, he asserts, that would be counter-productive.

In Bing Travel’s latest slide show, we’ve compiled 19 ways to help you visualize the life of a billionaire on vacation. Picture yourself behind the wheel of that Ferrari, or dream even bigger. Rent an entire island in the Caribbean or the Maldives. Spend the night in a glittering gold palace in India. Travel to Cabo San Lucas for a private concert with Carlos Santana, or play golf with Gary Player on his private golf course in South Africa. Board a sparkling cruise ship to visit all your favorite continents, or climb aboard a rocket ship and zoom at 17,000 mph toward the moon. When it comes to luxury travel, the sky truly is the limit.

Have you enjoyed a luxury vacation, or would you like to? Share your experiences with other travelers in the comments section. Oh, and when you’re done with that, can we borrow your Ferrari?


  • I would like to live in luxury if I could it would be on a luxury holiday with sun, sea and sand.

  • I've been traveling in many countries, sleeping in ordinary hotel and I enjoyed it so much. My hope is to make the ultimate travel where there is only gold and precious stones like : jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, amethyst...

  • I would love to live the life of the rich and famous my own yacht a private island. Charter an entire cruise ship for me and friends. the things I would do if I had the money.

  • too expensive!!!!!!!!! Who cares!??????/

  • AS A VEGAS LOCAL I GOTTA SAY, SPENDING THAT KIND OF MONEY IS NUTS, the vegas exsperiance? that package is a joke, you can do the pure thing and even meet clebrities, for next to nothing, and sometimes even free... being local you get in free save for private events and well, there's drinks and half price vip bottle service and such, out of town and want luxury? go catch one or more of those people selling time shares on the strip or downtown, the pushy little fuckers are everywhere. and will give you pretty much anything you want. just sit through their bullshit for an hour. and poof, want a 5 star hotel stay? done, michellan or zagat rated top dining, done, island get aways? good luck but if you weedle them down and hym and haw about it, eventually they all give you a tril package and it's no more than about 1000.00 bucks, but it's a dream vacation worth like 20 grand.

    don't be one of the sheep people,

    just haggle and keep a nose to the ground,

    little bits of luxuary are everywhere.

  • How much ever luxurious the place or food or clothing there is a limit to how much any man can eat or drink. One day every man will die.

  • yeah I would like to live the life of luxury, but who are we kidding. 98 percent of us on this planet will never have vacations like that so why even show crap like this "where millionaires and billionaires vacation." Are you joking, and even if I could go on one of these so called Heaven on a stick vacation, I don't think I would want to talk to any of the other vacationers there, cause I know they would all be an ASS. I'm just saying.

  • What a waste of money that could help people. Spending that kind of money today is sinful and it not just cause I dont have it

  • This is so motivating, to see that there are some big spenders. i will work towards having my own yatch , private jet, hotel like TRUMP TOWER to rent out so i wud make instead of spending.thumbs up.

  • Why spend so much money to rent an island when you can do it for a LOT cheaper?  There is a great vacation destination off the island of Madagascar (off the east coast of Africa)called "Nosy Be."  There you can go snorkeling in the pristine waters, play with the tropical fish and turtles, get three gourmet meals boated in to you by professional French chefs, and all on your own little island for roughly $150.00 A WEEK!  The only somewhat expensive part is getting to Madagascar; once you're there though, it's really inexpensive!

  • What about the " dont drink and drive, smoke and FLY" tour of Amsterdam? Crystal bongs, exotic hemp papers.. etc. Not to mention the Red Light District's "How much is that hooker in the window?"

  •  want to be somewhere, where i can feel i'm out of this world.   want to spend priceless holiday,

  • All these experiences are signals and signs to the fact that, in heaven above, there are really many mansions to be ouupied

  • I think this was a great article.  I would have no interest in spending that kind of money when there are other great destinations for a fraction of that cost and that would be if I could or couldn't affoard it.

    Cazumel offers a really great package and you can rent a suburban, tiki hut jump every mile, great drinks at every hut, barter with the locals, see amazing things and stay in a real nice resort and it doesn't cost $20,000 a nigh.

  • Barbados is a luxury destination. its a little expensive than other, but u get the same luxury that the billionaires enjoy!

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