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Thrilling train journeys

Forget planes and cars: Trains are the best way to travel. Rather than getting stressed out about driving, you can sit back and enjoy the landscape. And instead of being stuffed and strapped into a middle seat, you’re at liberty to walk around, and you can even get a breath of fresh air when the train stops. And there’s no denying the sheer romance of a railroad journey.

Bing Travel’s newest slide show presents our favorite thrilling train trips around the globe. Ride with us along scenic railways such as the iconic Trans-Siberian route, the world’s longest railroad; the Rocky Mountaineer, chugging its way through the Canadian Rockies; the Palace on Wheels, treating you to a luxurious tour of India’s Rajasthan state; and the Swiss Alps’ Glacier Express and Bernina Express.

I’ll always have an abiding affection for Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, running up and down the West Coast. But my all-time favorite train ride has to be the Norrland train traversing Swedish Lapland; I advise going in summer to experience the midnight sun.

What are your favorite train trips? Share your thoughts with other travelers in the comments section.




  • It you want more ideas on how to travel overland you should check out

  • The Blue train trip through South africa is a glorious trip, with fine food, marvelous large staterooms, great views - but it is not a cheap date.  It also makes evident the enormous economic difference between those in the train, and the impoverished folks you see all along the route.

  •    Unbelieveble, the montain Train  Curitiba to Paranagua

    in Brazil with the huge points was no on the list from



  • Amtraks empire builder is also a great train,running from chicago to seattle through some of americas best sencery and of course the california zepher scenry is hard to beat the rockies in the day light and the serria nevadas also in daylight

  • The Indian-Pacific train segment from Adelaide to Perth was fabulous with terrific service, nice staterooms, and good food and drink. The nullarbor plain is amazing.

  • Oh got to do the Anchorage to Denali National Park. Gorgous secenery and then Denali!!

  • The J-Train has majestic views of filthy  Brooklyn and bums begging for money.  Now where else can you get that experience?  All in the comfort of a urine soaked car.

  • For a quick daytrip getaway from the big city, New York Grand Central to New Haven (Connecticut) on Metro-North.

    Won't break the bank and yo won't need vacation time!

  • If you are once in Italy,you must take the train from Pescara to Napoli.Slow,cheap but very interesting.

  • my favourite train journey was from carmarthen to aberystwith

    and closed in 1963. It goes through some of the most spectacular scenery in wales. The main infrastructure of the line is still in place and would not take a lot in money to restore it to its former glory.

    beeching act 2003

  • My favorite train trips were when I was a young boy. My dad would make it an annual trip to Chama, NM, to ride the old steam locomotive from Chama to Antonito, Colorado and back. It went through some beautiful country in New Mexico and southern Colorado, and the sound of the old steam engine was wonderful.

  • On the northbound Coast Starlight out of Los Angeles, you can hear the gasps working their way back as the train goes around a curve to the right just before Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean comes into view for the first time.  I like the Southwest Chief, although just as jbs says about the Blue Train, you see a sharp contrast between middle-class America and the stark poverty of those who dwell in shanties at the fringes of the desert.  I suggest taking the SW Chief in one direction and the California Zephyr in the other to also take in the Rockies.  One not mentioned, but well worth seeing, is the Algoma Central north from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, especially for autumn colours.

  • The A train (named for the strain of hepatitis you are likely to contract) is a magnificent wonder. I recommend all New York visitors to get their shots and partake in the creme de la creme of wonderous New York.

    If you happen to smell *** or witness an assault - don't give the police your real name.

    Good Luck

  • I have always loved travelling on trains, but my favorite by far is the Snowdon Mountain Railway.  It goes from Llanberis up to the top of Snowdon (the highest mountain in England and Wales).  If you're lucky you can get on one of the original steam engines.  The scenery is wonderful, absolutely wonderful - I could travel it every day and not get bored. Apparently, it is the only passenger rack and pinion railway in the UK.

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