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TV towns you can travel to

When I was little, I adored “Sesame Street.” My life’s dream was to travel to Sesame Street and visit the spots where Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch lived. It took years (and lots of tantrums) before my parents finally convinced me that Sesame Street didn’t really exist.

These days, I still find myself longing for the settings of my favorite programs to be real — and they often are, at least to a degree. Many TV shows are filmed on location, whether it’s just a few exterior shots in the opening credits to establish a sense of place, or entire scenes filmed in a local neighborhood. Not only do these on-location shots add authenticity to the program, but they provide a real-life place for us fans to pay homage. 

A new Bing Travel slide show  presents 14 places from popular television series. They include Scranton, Pa., where a paper company really does reside in the building seen in “The Office”; the island of Oahu, where you can find many sites featured in “Lost”; and the real-life Jersey shore, where you can follow in the footsteps of the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

My “Sesame Street” days are long gone, but I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I get to visit places where a television show was filmed. My favorite is North Bend, Wash., which sometimes seems like a “Twin Peaks” theme park. Stop by Twede’s Café, which starred in the show as the Double R Diner (the real-life food is delicious), and you can pick up a map of local “Twin Peaks” locations.

Have you traveled to real-life places from your favorite TV shows? Share your experiences with other travelers in the comments section.


  • The Robocop TV Series was blatantly shot in Toronto and Toronto landmarks and icons were clearly visible

  • "Lost" is my favorite TV series of all time.

  • I know "Sesame Street" from Scrubb TV series. Is that weired?

  • I'd recommend new zealand...

  • I'love to go to Oahu, i've been a big fan of Lost ever since it begun!

  • "Lost" is my favorite TV series too.

  • Sesame street was my favourite many years ago.

  • Wilmington, NC

    Home to:

    Dawson's Creek

    One Tree Hill


  • Remember the show Dawson's Creek? It was filmed in Wilmington, NC; as was Nicholas Sparks' movies "A Walk to Remember", "Message in a Bottle", "Nights in Rodanthe", and "The Notebook". In fact, all of Nicholas Sparks' novels are set in eastern and coastal North Carolina. It's a great place to visit as well as live :)

  • I've been to Burkittsville, MD home of the Blair Witch.

    Our company has servers at Fisher plaza, where KOMO TV is. KOMO's helicopter landing pad (on the roof of Fisher plaza) is the helipad they use in Grey's Anatomy.

    I live not far from Stadium High School in Tacoma, WA which was used as the high school in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.

  • Visited the Cheers Bar while in Boston in 2003.  Had a great time.

  • For the "older" folks, I visited the site where all of the Bonanza scenes were shot. It's in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  There is place you can go and see the original house from the series. The little "town"  has a saloon, place to eat and museum with pictures and facts about the show.  Great for old western fans.

  • We like to eat lunch at the Brick Tavern in Roslyn, WA. Shelly and Holling won't be there but you can see other sights from Northern Exposure.

  • I live in Seattle, so it's pretty easy for me to get to both the North Bend/Snoqualmie area (30 min.) where "Twin Peaks" was filmed, and to Roslyn, (about 90 min.) the site where most of the outdoor scenes of "Northern Exposure" were filmed.  Two pretty good shows from the early 90s.

    Now of course, the big place to visit is Forks on the far northwestern tip of the Olympic Peninsula...home of the "Twilight" series.

  • Back while "Northern Exposure" was still a running series, I visited Roslyn, WA which was used for some exterior and even interior scenes.  The "Roslyn Cafe" Wall Mural was featured in the opening credits, and the exterior of the Brick was used in the show.  Also, I remember they shot scenes in a local store as they had shelves roped off which were used for the show.

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