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Jerks on a plane

When former JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater announced his resignation over the plane’s public address system, grabbed a beer and then hopped out of the jet via the evacuation slide, his actions struck a nerve with travelers everywhere.

Flying is a modern engineering marvel — but it can also be a living hell. The tiny seats, cramped conditions and mind-numbing noise have caused more than one person to behave less than admirably in a confined space.

Frightfully boorish conduct is the inspiration for Bing Travel’s new slideshow, “Jerks on a Plane.” From hogging the overhead bin to blocking the aisle with your bare feet or screeching at the top of your lungs, we present a lighthearted look at the many ways passengers behave badly at 30,000 feet.

What are your favorite examples of “jerks on a plane”? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Caution: Oxygen masks may or may not deploy when you let off steam.


  • I sat next to a guy (adult) who danced while sitting and listening to his mp3 player.  It was a three-ish hour flight from MSP to LAX.  I still hate him.

  • I fear that I might one day turn into a jerk on a plane, I get a bad feeling when am on a plane, even the food doesn't taste right. must be altitute sickness!

  • Reminds me of how I sang System of a Down's 'Tentative' when we had to divert our flight once and nobody knew what was really happening.

    Turned out we had to make an emergency landing on another airport to fill up the tank because ours was snowed up and congested...

  • I hate flying. Too cramped. <a href="">

  • I was on a crowded flight and I went to buckle up and found seat belt was broken.. sat like that from beginning to end of flight.

  • I was flying from Minnesota to Japan and the man in front of me would not sit up for ANYTHING!!! I just needed to use the restroom and when I kneed the back of his chair by accident I got the nastiest look I have ever seen! Way to ruin my 13 hr flight...

  • My issues are the fat guy who takes up a third of MY seat besides his own, and looks at me like, "I can't help it if I'm big", then sits there and powers down a large bag of nacho chips, candy, and soda.

    The other is the people with backpacks, who walk through the cabin incognizant that they have two extra feet sticking out of their back, as they freely swing around, their back packs slamming seated passengers in the face.  If they hit me, then I turn into a jerk.  As big a jerk as you will find.

    Oh, one more.  The B.O. guy.  I have been near some people with B.O. so bad, I have damn near barfed.  And like Sienfeld, I don't barf very often.  How the hell hard is it to take a shower?

  • Flying back from Florida recently two passengers sat behind us thatr Slater wouldhave liked to dis. Not only were they rude, ignorant and inconsiderate but oh so boring. They blathered on and on right through anything the flight crew had to say but at one point one even said the Attendant was Hitler like and they should throw ice at her. It was not so easy to remain silent during the flight but I managed. Upon landing I half turned told them they were rude etc but mostly oh so damn boring. They both acted surprised although the attendant actually had stopped her instructions to ask them to be quiet.Other passengers one of who said she had a 40% hearing loss also spoke up.Think they learned anything? I am highly doubtful.

  • I once boarded a plane to my assigned seat. Right next to me was a woman eating a god awful smelling sandwich. I looked around to see if I could move to another seat but sadly, the plane was full!! I had to endured that awfull smell for about two hours, as the smell lingered on. OMG!

  • How about a 3 hr flight with a screaming kid sitting right next to you.  What's sad is the mother was asleep & did nothing to even try to comfort the child!

  • On a flight from St. Louis to Norfolk I was lucky enough to get upgraded to First Class.  I was thrilled until my seatmate arrived.  The poor guy had Tourette's Syndrome, and I do have sympathy for that.  But he BARKED all the way from St. Louis to Norfolk VA, and I really had no sympathy for that!

  • The A hole that cannot get off his stupid phone until he has been told at least twice that they can't close the doors until he does.  Then he opens it up the moment we land and has to tell everyone that we just landed..... loudly.

    The person that brings on luggage they cannot lift and regardless of what is told to them about one in the upper compartment, decides to take up an entire compartment with all their stuff and "has some fragile gifts, so please don't put anything on them."  I think I have been the jerk that has broken a few things when I stuff my bag on top of gift bags or purses.  

  • My poor husband did.  He's 6'2" tall. He couldn't move an inch for 12 hours, because a tiny 5'6" guy needed to put his chair all the way back.  I felt so bad for him.   There was no point in switching seats with my husband because the tiny guy's wife was taking up just as much space!

  • I was on a flight to LAX there were two children behind me their parents were across the isle and up one.  The kids were throwing M & Ms screaming and being kids and the parents said nothing to them the whole trip.  What a miserable flight.

  • I had a flight from florida to NYC- there where about 6 middle age woman who were clearly drunk (dont get me wrong I have my fair share) but proceeded to talk loudly about their "dates" while on vacation. And when that wasnt enough for my 12 yr old son to listen to, one sat on the others lap and they proceeded to make out. Men passengers where happily providing them more drinks when the stewardess' wouldnt serve them anymore. it was seriously in bad taste.

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