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Really big things you can’t miss

One of the true joys of traveling in America is the nation’s never-ending fascination with big things. Sure, Europe has old things,such as cathedrals, castles and bridges, but America goes for “big” in a big way. Big ball of twine? Check. Big tree? Check. This month we’ve scoured the back roads and byways of rural America to find some eye-popping wonders that put some unique small towns, like Mentone, Ind., and Long Beach, Wash., on the map. See what we found in the new Bing Travel slide show, Really Big Things You Can’t Miss. So next time you find yourself on a road trip, watch for these gems and don’t hesitate to take a detour. You may never get another chance to see The World’s Largest Frying Pan, so enjoy! Think we’ve left out something big? Share it in a comment below.


  • loved traveling the world! From healthy high school homecoming queen to conquering college athlete to powerful professional consultant then marvelous Mommy!! Became Miss Diagnosed for 12 years and loved escaping the pain by remembering my world travels--especially GREEN GERMANY!! Sharing with my kids "my princess stories of all the castles i "lived" in (Neuschwabstein Castle, using the visual memories of the stone stairs, the cold smell, and the prince charging thru dragons to get to me!!".......aahh castles.  I sell photos at example of Neuschwanstein)

  • Really Awesome collection, it is correct with out these bigger things travel is boring. thanks Amy for the big collection.

  • Umm in dresden ohio there is the worlds largest basket which is really the office for longaberger baskets but it looks like one :D

  • West of Lincoln Nebraska is a rest stop - I do not remember the name that hosts the worlds largest STAGECOACH - If I recall it is actually a gas staion built to resemble a stagecoach

  • they've forgotten the best one of all, worlds largest 6 pack, in La Crosse, WI. And the best part is they actually contain beer!!

  • don't forget the corn tower in rochester, minnesota!

  • In Arcadia, Oklahoma there is a Route 66 landmark called Pops. It has a giant pop bottle that is 66 feet tall and weighs over 4 tons. Really fun place with great food and a selection of 500+ ice-cold sodas and sparkling waters!

  • I live in Glen Carbon, Illinois, which neighbors Collinsville and I see that ketchup bottle all the time. I'm thrilled you included it! I always have to explain to my out-of-town relatives what it is! I also live not too far from Alton, Illinois which has a statue of Robert Wadlow, the world's tallest man in recorded history. He is still listed in the Guinness book. It's not a thing but worth mentioning!

  • There is a huge rocking chair on the way to the royal gorge in Colorado.  Its on highway 50 in a little town right before canyon city heading towards the mountains.

  • Just outside of Meteorite City in Arizona is the World's Biggest 'Dream Catcher'.

    In Frankenmuth Michigan is the world's largest Christmas store... Bronner's CHRISTmas store.

    On I 75 In Michigan there is the world's largest tire (motor car tire).

    Oh and I have never seen the world's biggest bull. But I have seen the world's largest bull sitter (Smile:))

  • Welp, I live in Mobile, AL and we just happen to have the largest moonpie! It was built in honor of our Mardi Gras heritage.

  • The World's Largest Rocking chair is located just outside of Cuba, Missouri on Historic Route 66. There are special days that they raise money for the local Fire Department by lifting you up to it so you can get your picture taken on top of it.

  • Is the big goose still sitting on its nest in Hazard, KY?

  • Really nice collection

  • In Strawberry Point Iowa there is....suprise!......a giant strawberry near the City Hall.....a big fiberglass sculpture on a pole.

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