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Rick Steves' top European destinations

Rick Steves knows Europe like the back of his rucksack. Producer of the public television series “Rick Steves’ Europe,” he is also the author of more than 50 travel books and writes a syndicated newspaper column. Wander into any travel store and you’re likely to see his brand of travel luggage, designed to help you travel light and free across the continent.

In a slide show on Bing Travel, Steves shares 19 of his favorite European destinations. They range from grand cities such as Rome and Istanbul to thatch-happy villages in the Cotswolds, England. Other top spots include Riviera ports such as the Cinque Terre in Italy, a traffic-free, underappreciated alternative to the French Riviera. And travelers who go the extra mile to Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula will be rewarded with convivial pubs filled with easy camaraderie and plenty of live music.

Do you have a favorite hideaway in Europe? Share your thoughts with other travelers in the comments section.


  • Despite the fact that I really do like Rick Steve's writings about Europe, any list that doesn't include Spain isn't really worth noting. The second most visited country in the world does not have one spot to visit in the entire continent of Europe? Suspect....

  • In England we have better destinations than Blackpool, but my farorite destination of those listed would be Florence!

  • While I live in paradise, I do love to venture out and appreciate Rick's adventures.

    My secret place, which has now had a huge resurgance, is the Ceasar Augustus Hotel on AnaCapri.  It is the top of the isle of Capri off the southern coast of Italy.

    Once a '50s glamour magnet, it turned into a reasonably priced honeymoon mecca for those that stumpled across it in the early '90s.  A very dusty Harry Winston Diamond is what I thought upon being ushered to it by the hotel man at the pier in Capri (whose salesmanship outlasted about 15 others).

    Extraordinary setting on the cliffs of paradise.  A prominent statue of Ceasar himself looking across the island to the core of the village below (with a shear cliff looking down in every direction).  Rooms with ocean views forever, garden expanses on the side of the property that seemed endless and a simple sign in the room sink that the water was not potable.

    Young romance can overlook those discrepancies for such a heavenly location and diamond in the rough.

    Enter 2010 and the same property is still perilously perched on the glorious cliffs of Anacapri, but today it hosts luxury once again.  The room that I spent my honeymoon in for a week on that sacred isle would, in today's new splendour, cost me a down payment on a new car.

    Regardless, the mileage that trip, and that hotel, has translated into lifelong memories for me and my spouse is worth every penny we pinched nearly 20 years ago and is still undoubtedly making the same impact on travelers today.

    Except we get to talk about being in paradise without potable water...war stories you know...

  • My bad, I forgot to post the link to this glorious place that I discovered as a newly wed 20 years ago.  Make it a special occasion trip:

  • I would like to see more Balkan nice spots featured in Rick's adventures, for example unexplored towns and villages in Kosovo

  • A hideway is considered to be secret. So if I tell the world, it's really not hideway any more is it? So I'm not telling. Hideways are meant to be stumbled on to anyway, that's what makes them special.

  • right now i am in Istanbul, Turkey and i think this place is amazing.

    There a lot of history here.

    Traffic is crazzzzzy, i still did not get that how they manage to drive without any accidents.

    I strongly reccomend Turkey to any one who wants to go EU.

  • Why are there no offers for Croatia ??? The Dalmatian

    coast is paradise !!! Dubrovnik, ''the pearl of tha

    Adriatic Sea '' is wonderful !!! Not overrun, great

    food, great people, history galore !!!!!!!Climate is

    great from May to September !!!

  • Guys, You should go to Croatia-Dalmatia. They really don't sell much, but if one can pay sailling over Dalmatia island, You'll see what beauty is, what domestic food and vine is. The best of all is that they don't sell that and You have to go there to get it. And it's less crowded than Spain or Italy. Maybe You should ask millions of Italians why they visiting Dalmatia, since they have beautiful country. Try it...

  • I enjoyed your selection of pictoresque and tranquille places.

    I suggest you to visit Bled (lake + town) in Slovenia and Belgrade in Serbia, which is something opposite, but has its charm as well

  • No Spain, Croatia, Scotland and Blackpool in England is there!! Who is this guy? mmmmm I don't think he really knows where some of the nicest spots in Europe are.

  • Also I don't think Stockholm was noted (voted by some poles as Europes most beautiful city)

  • barra andeen zuc ommoc ya weld el gahba. el aila mtaek ghab, laken ommoc wa okhtec ukbr wahdat.... :)

  • Visit Fanning Island in the South Pacific and ride the 10 person van along a 1 mile rain soaked road with narration by Mr. Christmas and see this 4th world island and it`s very friendly people who welcome you with singing choral groups. A not to be forgotten experience. I did love Vernazzi in the Cinque Terre.

  • I am with you "mitchvs", how can they leave my beautiful Spain behind? I was going through all the pictures hoping that Spain was one of them, but sadly it wasn't. Spain is one of the most beautiful country in the world and I'm not saying this just because it's my country, but because many people told me so.

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