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Mardi Gras Around the World

During a few weeks in late winter, a huge number of people take to the streets for Mardi Gras (or Carnival, as it’s known in some parts of the world). Celebrations include parades, drinking, socializing, eating special foods and – sometimes, depending on your location – wearing costumes that cover you up (Venice) or put you on display (Rio de Janeiro).

Our new slide show, Mardi Gras Around the World, takes you on a tour of celebrations in 11 countries, from the revelry in the streets of New Orleans to a unique festival in India.

Have you been to any one of these celebrations, or one we didn’t cover? Tell us about it in comments!


  • Very interesting. Australia has its own unique twist.

  • I am surprised that you didn't cover Aruba's festivals. From the Jouvert or "Jump-up" festival, to the main parade through the main street in Orangastaad, Aurbans take much pride in their costumes. Many are made by hand and are quite elaborate. Even the smaller parades take care in selecting just the right look, many include lights.

    The bands are quite good, including Oreo (who are internationally known) and many others. Days before, people line carts along the main streets of the parades to sell juices and food.

  • You're missing the most popular (in quantity of persons attending to) carnival of the caribbean, from a small city of the Domincan Republic, La Vega.

  • I;ve been to many festivals in Vietnam and people do the same things in China.

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  • I haven't seen it myself but heard similar festivity happening in modern part of China.

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