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Cherry blossoms around the world

The sight of cherry trees in bloom epitomizes spring in many countries, from Japan to the United States, which has been the recipient of goodwill gifts of cherry saplings from Japan over the years.

Traditionally, the cherry bloom in Japan reminds viewers of the impermanence of all things, as illustrated by the brilliant but short life span of the cherry blossom. Residents all over the country celebrate the bloom with picnics under the trees and other activities.

The practice has spread elsewhere, with communities from Seattle to Seoul holding festivals to mark the blooming of their precious trees. Check out our new slide show, Cherry Blossoms around the World, to find out about the celebration and about the best places in the world to view the ephemeral blooms.

And tell us – have you ever witnessed a world-class cherry bloom?  Where do you recommend going to view the blossoms? Leave your comments below.


  • Door County, WI in beautiful Northeast WI where we have the best mt morency cherries anywhere. Door County... a tourist haven and heaven.

  • Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ has the most beautiful cherry blossom trees I have ever seen. The park is 360 acres. It's a gorgeous park with so many activities to do. I highly recommend nature lovers to visit this hidden treasure.

  • Branch Brook Park has 4,000 cherry trees.

  • Newark NJ's History section and Branch Brook Park has some the most outsanding cherry blossoms you would love to see

  • You forgot Traverse City, MI!  We have an 8 day celebration every July, The National Cherry Festival.  Traverse City is the largest producer of tart cherries in the world!

  • Traverse City Michigan has one of the best Cherry Festivals each year.  Both the festival and Traverse City are absolutely beautiful as it overlooks a bay and the city.  Well worth the visit.

  • How can you have an article about cherry blossoms without including the Cherry Capital of the World, Traverse City Michigan?

  • I was surprised to not see Newark New Jersey Bloomfield Park not included in your Cherry Blossom piece. I grew up in NJ and my family made special plans to visit the park when the Cherry Blossoms bloomed every year. They were always so pretty.

  • South Korea, ... I get to visit my grandson

  • Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey, USA

  • Wow - you totally missed Branch Brook Park - located in Belleville and Newark, NJ.  There are hundreds and hundreds of cherry trees in the park, they have their own Cherry Blossom Festival - people come from all over to stand under the blooming branches and have their photos taken amongst the drifting petals.  For anyone who lives within a couple hours drive of the park - don't miss it!  Most of the cherry trees are in the Belleville end.  You won't believe you are in an urban area.  It is safe and spectacular.  I always like to go on a Sunday afternoon when the roads are closed to auto traffic, and the elderly Italian gentleman are out in force, playing bocce ball.

  • Doing an article on cherries/cherry trees/cherry blossoms without mentioning Traverse City calls into question the talent level of your reporter.   It's like doing an article on DIRTY HARRY without mentioning CLINT EASTWOOD.    Traverse City IS  the CHERRY CAPITAL; we don't have 4000 trees, we have 4000 acres of trees.  Every gift shop in town sells dried cherries.   We have cherry everything, from meatballs, to chocolates, to coffee, sausage, bread, and even salsa.   Our airport is called CHERRY CAPITAL AIRPORT.  All the other back benchers you mentioned have pretty pictures, but you visit them for an hour, then go home.   Here in TC, if you're going on a cherry blossom tour, it'll take you a weekend at least, and you'll need a rental car and a hotel reservation.   Our National Cherry Festival draws crowds from all 50 states, as well as headline entertainers, and has done so for over 75 years.     So please, correct your article, because a few million people are wondering how you possibly could have left us out.

  • Salem , Oregon.  The Cherry City grew up in the midst of cherry orchards and many treees still remain to this day in the city limits while the orchards are still in the surrounding countryside.  This spring will bring a beautiful "Rain" of pink petals once again!  : )

  • Wow - what about the 37,000 cherry trees that exist in Vancouver, BC and the annual festival along with it.

  • My favorite place to view cherry blossoms is in Macon, GA. during mid March.

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