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Get better results from Live

Today we’re happy to take the “private” label off our Webmaster Tools beta, and open it up to all webmasters and SEO professionals. This is a first step by Live Search to make it easier to ensure your site is getting the best crawling, indexing, and representation in Live Search results possible. Our goal is that it will lead to better traffic for your site, and better search results for our customers.

In addition to the tools, we’re also launching:

  • Webmaster Blog – to let you know what’s going on and provide you with the technical information you’re looking for from Live.
  • Live Webmaster Center – a convenient portal, consolidating all of Microsoft’s information and services for webmasters in one easy-to-remember URL:

So, what should you do with all of this news? Easy:

  1. Make sure there aren’t any problems with MSNBot and your site (if there are let us know)sign into the tools, verify your site and ensure that Live Search is indexing your pages, we haven’t identified any of your content as SPAM, and there are not any issues with your Robots.txt file. If any pages have been blocked for being spammy, fix the issue, then follow the instructions to complete a re-inclusion request.
  2. Let us know about your sitemap to get the best crawl – enter the URL of your sitemap file, or sitemap index file, into the tool so you know we have access to all of your sites content. This will help us find all that really deep content on your site that might not be well linked.
  3. Add our blog to your RSS reader – we have lots more features in the works, so add our blog to your RSS reader so you know what’s been shipped.

--Nathan Buggia, Lead Program Manager – Live Webmaster Team


  • Nice to see that Live has a platform for submitting Sitemaps as well. Interesting to see how each SE has its own approach. Will we in the future also be able to see the crawl rate?

  • Very interesting. I am waiting to see what is in. I hope the beta will work properly.

  • Long time waited for the webmaster tools!!

    But I donot understand your concept of (Domain) Rank. I think, if I see 5 green bars, I have the best value. But it doesnot work for me. I have found keywords, where no page is found in the first 200 results (After that dropped the search).

    Best regards


  • Hi,

    Thank you for a nice tool.

    It works well now though I had several troubles.

    I want the tool to be a counterpart of Google Webmaster tools.

  • Great tools indeed but still needs more features.

    I would like to see a list of all the backlinks MSN has found for my site, instead of showing me the top one's.

  • this is very helpful  thanks very much..

    grate tools  indeed

  • This is the first time I try Live's tool.

    I like simple design, fast load.

    I wish Live's tool more useful.

  • It is nice to meet you.

    Thanks for launching great tool.

  • I like the design as well, simple, and it works fast. Nice work.

  • My website Disappeared from MSN for two years. Even After two years of follow up I am sitting here as a fool.

    I really wonder how these people who can not understand even why websites are disappearing like stones in the ocean from MSN search can build a better search engine. Beating Google is second thing to talk. Let them find out the flaw in their on algorithm.

    An to be funny they send every month search satisfaction survey to me. (To a guy whose website which is appearing in first page in Google and yahoo for certain keyword and disappeared from MSN for last two years. Even they can not answer any of my query. Only thing I get reply is It is under investigation. I think Indian Judiciary system is Faster than MSN. Any way they put a good name for their service (Microsoft global escalation team).

    I think it should be changed to Microsoft Global escape Team.

    <b><a href=""> </a></b>

  • When I search rissaigon, I can not find my site in two result pages. The same result with

    I think that Live should give better results.

  • My site have a xml sitemap, but it over 2 MB, is it too big?

  • That's a good tools for SEO. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Global Trading Platform!

    I think that you can divide your sitemap into two sitemaps and submit both.

  • It's nice to meet you!

    I am new comer and also new webmaster.