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Greetings, webmasters!

We are glad you found your way to this blog. We, the Live Search Webmaster Team, have created this blog to help keep you informed on progress as we develop tools to assist you as webmasters. We will also be sharing from time to time on how to keep your site performing well.

We want this blog to be a place for two way communication between Live Search and the webmaster community because we understand that SEO’s and webmasters need this kind of information and the tools we are building to keep their sites performing well.

We know we have a lot of work still to do and we would like to get your feedback on the tools as well as suggestions for future tools.

If you are passionate about your site or you just want to find out what progress we are making on tools and statistics sign up for our RSS feed. So welcome and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

And don’t forget sign up for the Live Search Webmaster Center today!

--Jeremiah Andrick, Program Manager – Live Webmaster Team


  • Could you give us a peek into the future. What is Live currently developing and what will it (try) to develop? Nice to have this platform for discussions, hope you will also answer on the made comments.

    I personally would like to see a graphical representation of the incoming and outgoing links. The size of circles could represent the rating, and in one view you can see the link structure.

  • will their be a preference for  www. and non www urls?

    also I think their should be a way to remove urls from the index since for me at least the robots.txt does now always keep a page from being index

    I think did a great thing by making a webmasters tools  :) just needs some tweaks

  • I feel this as a great opportunity to finally have some influence on the development of Live Search which, till now, is regretfully not competitive with Google and Yahoo. We will benefit fom true in the Search Market, so let's do our best!

  • I tried your service but I can't add my website. I get an error message "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again."

    I'll try again tomorrow.

    "Greetings, Webmasters!"

  • Question: can I remove the LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml from my site after it has been authenticated?

  • when i submit my site,the error type.

    "Unspecified internal error occured."

    and i try many times and many site,the result same

  • Great to finally see some progress at Live Search.

    A couple of things I noticed/questions:

    - I had to create the LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml myself, why not make this a download from the site.

    - The domain and the pages have green ranking bars. What does it mean to have 5 bars? It seems easy to get 5 bars, as our site is only months old and we only have a Google PR4.

    - After submitting the sitemap there is no indictation that this was succesful. Google shows how many pages were found in your sitemap, which is very reassuring that everything is ok.

    - Does MSNBot revisit the sitemap, or do I need to resubmit it regularly?

    Hope the feedback is useful, keep up the good work!

    Bart Jellema - Tjoos

  • This is something which was awaited since August-07 after Danny's Announcement in his searchengineland blog.

    Hope we will see more enhancements on this part which will enable webmasters synchronize their website with LIVE search algorithms and make it LIVE friendly!

  • I also get the message:'Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.' when I try to enter:

    Any idea?

  • Your "search quality bot" (according to MSNdude at WMW "reveals" parts of your categorizing. Since that's public knowledge, why not provide this info as structured data in the Webmaster Console? Also, you could stop this bot when a site is verified and obviously doesn't cloak.

  • Like others, I haven't managed to enter my site yet due to the "Something went wrong" error message being displayed.

    First attempted on Thursday of last week.

  • The link to the forum isn't working either - 404 error returned.

  • Hello, Hallo und Guten Tag,

    thanks for that tool.

    go one and break G.

  • When I tried to add sites I also had problems during the last days but it seems to work since today. So everyone who had problems might just try again.

    My first thoughts about the product:

    1. The data is still very poor compared to googles webmaster-tools.

    2. Why do internal links show up in the "Top links to"-Tab?

    Hopefully we'll see lot's of changes soon so I stay tuned.

  • I'm glad that MSN Webmaster Tools was finally opened for the public :D

    Hopefully now MSN Analytics will follow :)