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New tools for webmasters in the Bing Toolbox

Today we're really excited to announce the arrival of the Bing Toolbox, a new portal for all you Bing webmasters, publishers, developers, and advertisers out there. The Toolbox is an organized set of tools for the entire Bing community, plus links to our Webmaster and Developer community blogs and forums.

The Toolbox provides everything you need to work with Bing in one place—as well as the site you’ll want to regularly visit for announcements of cool new features the moment they're ready.

This is a first effort and we’ll be building out the site with new content and updated tools as they become available. Please use the forums to give us feedback. Thanks!

-- Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center


  • Do I need to register somewhere to become one of bing webmasters?

  • If am not wrong bing tool box contains four sub section - add a site, submit your site, get an Appid, get a powertoys? Looking good!

  • It's nice Microsoft has organized the Bing Toolbox in a single portal for webmasters, publishers, developers and advertisers.

  • Well done !

    What about webmaster's sites?

    That can be manged thru this or i would have to visit




  • it's great , one tool includes all for a developer. I will try it now !!!!

  • I knew to use Add a site and Submit your sitemap tools, I'll try Get an AppID and Go to PowerToys  Options.

  • Thanks for the toolbox link...You guys are doing a lot of good things simultaneously..I wish bing best luck!

  • Thanks for the Great useful webmasters toolbox link.

  • thank...i'll try your toolbox

  • Hello

    I need small information about to improve webpage rank in bing search engine .Now in 3rd page , please help me to improve that ..


  • Thanx for info and also for Bing toolbox..

    We SEO's really need it for good grasp on Bing Search engine..

  • Nice tool ! :o)

    Thks for this

    Greetings from Africa

  • Excellent! Would like to see more tools for SEO and ISM... benchmarking, performance analysis, etc.

    Many thanks!

  • it is excellent. i hope our school will deploy this in our website after some consultations.

  • Do you have a tracker tool?