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A new beginning: Bing Webmaster Tools

Today, we’re announcing the release of the updated Bing Webmaster Tools. After the Bing launch, we reached out to the webmaster and SEO communities to see how we could improve the webmaster tools. Your feedback was very consistent: you wanted more transparency to see how Bing crawls and indexes your sites, more control over your content in the Bing Index, and more information to help you optimize your sites for Bing.

So what’s new in the updated Bing Webmaster Tools? Everything. With your feedback in mind, the Bing Webmaster Team decided to hit the reset button and rebuild the tools from the ground up.

The redesigned Bing Webmaster Tools provide you a simplified, more intuitive experience focused on three key areas: crawl, index and traffic. New features, such as Index Explorer and Submit URLs, provide a more comprehensive view as well as better control over how Bing crawls and indexes your sites. Index Explorer gives you unprecedented access to browse through the Bing index in order to verify which of your directories and pages have been included. Submit URLs gives you the ability to signal which URLs Bing should add to the index. Other new features include: Crawl Issues to view details on redirects, malware, and exclusions encountered while crawling sites; and Block URLs to prevent specific URLs from appearing in Bing search engine results pages. In addition, the new tools take advantage of Microsoft Silverlight 4 to deliver rich charting functionality that will help you quickly analyze up to six months of crawling, indexing, and traffic data. That means more transparency and more control to help you make decisions, which optimize your sites for Bing.

We have good news for all the veteran users of the Bing Webmaster Tools. Your existing Webmaster Center accounts have been automatically upgraded to the new tools. This means that starting today, you’re already a registered user of the new Bing Webmaster Tools. There’s no need to create a new account, change ownership verification codes, or re-enter site data. If you don’t have a current account, you can easily sign-up and register your sites to begin using the new tools.

This is only the beginning; we have many more features planned for release in the coming months. These are your tools, so send us your feedback, suggestions, and questions to help guide how the tools evolve. As always, you are encouraged to comment here in the blog or post your feedback and questions to the Bing Webmaster Tools & Feature Requests forum.

-- Anthony M Garcia, Senior Product Manager, Bing Webmaster Tools



  • Well, first impressions are that it looks lovely. That said, graphs are all very well to give you an overall impression of trends, but what we really need is tabulated data, too. And as the chaps above have suggested, within this tabulated data, we too would like to see the inbound and outbound link data as before. That was handy, and we're going to have missing data in our reports now this information is no longer available. Sigh :/

  • As far as I'm concerned you need to give us more functionality and not beautification... and don't force us to use silverlight.

  • As has already been noted in the above comments, and comments on other posts, Micorosoft's own Silverlight lacks cross platform support.

    By insisting on Silverlight, Microsoft sends a mixed message, again, regarding their commitment to the web.  Neither you nor your partner Novell support "current" Silverlight releases on Linux, effectively breaking websites, including your own, and excluding those users.  

    If bing webmaster tools are suppose to help ALL webmasters, you've committed a major oversight which I hope you'll rectify soon.  Unfortunately, given Microsoft's track record, I'm inclined to think the ulterior motive, push Silverlight, Linux users be dammed, won out, but so do I want to be wrong.

  • One more thing - when you click on a tab, you need to make the left hand menu more prominent, or put it under the tab instead. I only just noticed this morning that there was more to the tools than some line graphs. :/

    (Also, why are all the comments here converted to lowercase?)

  • Well, it's a nice improvement but there's some real shortcomings.

    Firstly, the new tools require silverlight to work. This is bad from a usability perspective (not everyone who manages a website has the gift of sight) and in corporate environments where web staff lack administrative rights to install the latest version of Silverlight.

    And what about being able to force an index of a site... not there. So when one of your staff somehow manages to upload a robots.txt file which denies access to all crawlers, there's no way (like Google Webmaster tools) to force a crawl or download of the sitemap.xml file.

    Basically, its a start but there's still a long way to go.

  • No data available?

  • I've check accounts for a few sites and it looks like that sitemaps need to be re-submitted, is this correct?

  • It looks like the data loading is broken - any site I add simply has "Not available".

    This also has the usual Flash/Silverlight problems: the UI is slow and behaves oddly - non-standard widgets are a usability loss (e.g. the scrollbars ignore mouse wheel events, don't follow platform-specific behaviours like option-click on OS X) -  and don't fit the window properly) and basic functionality like the links to Blogs, Forums, Support, or Help is broken. It's also a pretty chunky download for a UI which doesn't do anything which couldn't be done with a modern JavaScript toolkit.

  • I can't get it to work at all. I fill in the add site field, click submit and nothing. No new screen, no list of sites, just a cleared field staring at me.... Not a good start.

  • All of our sitemap submissions have been deleted - thanks.  I guess it doesn't matter much though since you don't seem to actually crawl sites.

  • I'm terribly missing backlink info

  • It would've been nice if there was an option to transfer links from one domain to another, just like Google has it.

  • Not much room on my laptop screen to see what's going on. Scrolling INSIDE of Silverlight needed, my browser's right scroll-bar is completely absent. I'm sure many more refinements are to come - but for know seeing keywords with impressions vs clicks is already going to be tremendously helpful for optimization.

  • I have used the webmaster tool in the past and I like the idea because bing organically not listing all the web pages (not to my experience). but forgot about it cuz bing is not bringing many searchers to our websites.

    today I tried adding a website and firstly I got forced to install Silver light (I dont might installing but the server is not responding!!! (no I have no problem with my PC or internet) ) after that whenever I tried adding a website it

    keep showing "The page you want isn't available".

    In conclusion I think this sort of stuff damage the bing, MSN & Microsoft brand; and I really cant justify it for myself because Microsoft is a big company with right people to get the job done.

  • I wasn't too impressed with getting prompted to download something in order to use the Webmaster tools, what's with that? Way too confusing and I do not need any more installs on my browser or desktop. I guess third party software will always be best for analyzing and tracking SEO initiatives.