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  • Blog Post: What's New in the AJAX Map Control

    Today we are officially introducing three new modules and several new features for the AJAX 7.0 map control. The new modules add some very handy features, and they really show off the dynamic module loading capabilities of the AJAX 7.0 control by adding functionality when you need it, and getting...
  • Blog Post: Optimizing Bing Maps Platform Sessions and Transactions Usage

    As many developers using the Bing Maps Platform know, some Bing Maps API calls generate billable transactions while other Bing Maps API calls don’t. The Bing Maps Platform team has documented which Bing Maps API calls are billable vs. non-billable (and when) here . As a side note, understanding...
  • Blog Post: Bing Maps Android SDK available on Codeplex

    InKnowledge has launched an open-source Bing Maps SDK for Android. This new SDK now gives Android developers a choice in terms of map controls and provides greater flexibility as a result of having direct access to the code base. You can find the SDK at: