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  • Blog Post: National Geographic Map Brings Social Studies to Life

    Getting kids interested in social studies can be a project. As I remember it, in grade school, social studies came right after lunch, which meant that I was more interested in putting my head on my desk than in learning what the indigenous peoples of remote Fiji liked to eat. Followed by a film strip...
  • Blog Post: Guest Blog: Winter break, education broke?

    Like most children across the country, mine are anxiously anticipating Winter Break, which will begin sometime around 3-ish on Friday. They will throw open the doors of the minivan, run into my house, toss their backpacks in the hall and jump onto the sofa. Somewhere in there, they'll also grab a soda...
  • Blog Post: Good Education Decisions That Start with “Once Upon a Time”

    I am in a somewhat unique situation with two kids in college and two kids in preschool/kindergarten. This large age gap sometimes makes us feel like we are raising two separate families and my husband and I joke that the good news here is we can correct our mistakes the second time around. Though we...
  • Blog Post: Guest Blog: A parent's POV on school budget cuts

    I'm back from another successful "Family Movie Night." This 'evening under the stars' is how our PTA launches its annual fund drives. It is comprised of watching a movie on the school's field; face painting; glow stick buying; a visit from the In 'N Out Burger Truck; and...
  • Blog Post: Balancing work and kids: real advice for real life

    Anshu Khurana gives us a glimpse of what her life is like with 2 children under the age of 4 while she balances a successful career as a Sr. Product Marketing Manager in advertising with the Online Services Division (OSD). Many of us in OSD know what it's like to balance our professional and personal...