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  • Blog Post: Bing Maps Adds Streetside, Enhanced Bird’s Eye, Photosynth and More

    Today is a day I’ve been waiting for. Today is the day that I can finally stop biting my lip and start blabbing to the world that YES we have Streetside photography in Bing Maps – woohoo! Today is the day we release our beta Silverlight version of Bing Maps and it is smoking hot. We’ve...
  • Blog Post: Bing Maps Silverlight Control 1.0 Released

    After months of residing online as a community technology preview (CTP), the Bing Maps Silverlight Control (Version 1.0) has arrived and the .dlls are ready for your grubby, coding hands and vividly, creative minds to start bringing to life the next generation of location-based applications. The Bing...
  • Blog Post: Bing Maps Globally Sponsors NAVTEQ’s 2010 LBS Challenge

    Up for a challenge? Got a killer idea for the next great mobile or web, location-based application? Wanna win some killer prizes to propel your application into the spotlight? For the first time, Microsoft’s Bing Maps is sponsoring the developer-focused NAVTEQ LBS Challenge a location-based contest...
  • Blog Post: The Future of the Virtual Earth ASP .NET Control

    Oh man, this has been a hot topic since we announced the Virtual Earth ASP .NET Control CTP last year . And, with today’s announcement to retire the Live Frameworks CTP the question (yet again) today is what will happen with the Virtual Earth / Bing Maps ASP .NET Control? In brief, it’s toast...
  • Blog Post: Adding Streetside and Enhanced Birds Eye To Your Applications

    Well, it didn’t take long for us to add these features to the already robust set of APIs in the Bing Maps Platform , now did it? In case you’ve been in some analog state without Internet access you should first read, “ Bing Maps Adds Streetside, Enhanced Bird’s Eye, Photosynth...
  • Blog Post: Introducing The Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control

    Welcome to MIX! Following suit with many Microsoft web technologies, here’s our product announcement…..It’s been a long time coming – a year, in fact, since I presented a sneak peak of the Microsoft Virtual Earth Silverlight (VESL) Map Control at MIX 2008 . Now, here we are a year later at MIX 2009 releasing...