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  • Blog Post: Case Study: Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions (Cyberhomes)

    We posted a new case study about Microsoft and Cyberhomes which highlights some of the work Fidelity did with Virtual Earth . I worked with Marty Frame and team on their roll out of which features maps and imagery from Virtual Earth . The site was an overnight hit (and makes things interesting...
  • Blog Post: Bing Maps Globally Sponsors NAVTEQ’s 2010 LBS Challenge

    Up for a challenge? Got a killer idea for the next great mobile or web, location-based application? Wanna win some killer prizes to propel your application into the spotlight? For the first time, Microsoft’s Bing Maps is sponsoring the developer-focused NAVTEQ LBS Challenge a location-based contest...
  • Blog Post: Case Studies: MarketLinx & iFly

    Every now and then the Virtual Earth Marketing Team posts case studies for technical decision makers to read about how other companies are leveraging Microsoft mapping platforms. We've posted two of them recently that give an in depth understanding of not just the the power and flexibility of the Virtual...
  • Blog Post: New Virtual Earth Case Study - Coldwell Banker

    We recently launched a new case study (and yes, I'm a little slow getting this out) describing how Coldwell Banker was struggling with the lack of technological innovation around mapping and found Virtual Earth as an answer to their problems. I've plagiarized a bit of the excerpt below to whet your appetite...
  • Blog Post: Publish Your Aerial Photography to Virtual Earth

    We're just starting a new program called "GoVE" which enables municipalities, state and local governments, aerial photographers, carrier pigeons, whoever, to share your imagery with Microsoft for publishing onto Virtual Earth the platform that powers thousands of enterprise applications, not...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Earth Case Studies

    For anyone who wants to know more about the benefits of integrating Microsoft Virtual Earth into your application, we now have a number of case studies exploring the benefits some of our customers have received from integrating the platform into their solutions. This first set focus on one of the more...