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  • Blog Post: Ask Arne about Education

    Arne Duncan, the U.S. secretary of education, fields your questions in an Oct. 1 webcast. Are crumbling schools putting our nation’s future at risk? Are our teachers prepared for the myriad challenges they meet in the classroom? Is frequent testing giving us a good idea of student success and...
  • Blog Post: Our Commitment to Education

    The idea of connecting people to information is something that the team here at Bing strongly believes in and something that we know teachers across the world do every day. Bing provides data and a service that empowers teachers with tools and students with a vast amount of knowledge, giving them the...
  • Blog Post: RE:FORM SCHOOL – REDU x Creative Community Coming Together for Education

    In the past month since REDU launched, we have seen the call for education reinvention thrust into the middle of a national conversation. The numbers are staggering – a third of our students never graduate, US ranks 18 th out of 21 countries in math and science, over 1 million veteran teachers...
  • Blog Post: Artists unite for education reform at REDU HOMEROOM

    As we highlighted last week, REDU HOMEROOM, a two-week fundraising exhibition featuring original art by five renowned artists is up and running in New York. The featured artists: Scott Campbell, Neck Face, José Parla, Lucien Marc-Smith, and Luis Gispert are drawing from their personal experiences...
  • Blog Post: REDU’s RE:FORM SCHOOL Follow Up

    To those of you who attended- RE:FORM SCHOOL in NYC , a REDU call to action event to rethink our US education through visual arts and creative workshops- thank you for the support! The numbers below testify to the energy and enthusiasm that everybody brought. The event was a unique convergence of...
  • Blog Post: REDU: Every Kid Deserves a Great Education

    As you might know, there is an increasingly critical national conversation developing around the state of education in the United States. This conversation is happening at all levels of American life, from the White House to the local school district. As kids are heading back to school, you likely have...