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URGENT!! not indexing my new pages


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URGENT!! not indexing my new pages

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My site is

For three days in a row, MSN hasn't indexed even a single article from my site (out of 11 articles I wrote in that time).

What worries me is that; I see MSNBot crawling my site, but it crawls the old and already indexed pages in it, and it doesn't touch the newer pages.

Please suggest something!

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  • I also have almost same problem.

    my site is not being index into bing.

    Also other sites which are already into live search are not indexing new pages. any one have any idea??

  • I am truly getting sick of this. My income has been halved because of this problem and despite two threads nobody is even trying to suggest an answer.

  • My site is at 

    Using "" shows that it is not indexed at all. 

    It was indexed before Bing and we have much better search rank in Yahoo and Google.

    I cannot figure out what may have I have done wrong to offend Bing.  Is there something I need to do to pacify Bing specifically? 

    Please help.



  • PS:  In Bing Webmaster Center, the Domain score is 4 out of 5 squares, nothing is blocked and only 3 pages are listed as indexed.

    But again, "" shows nothing is indexed at all.

  • So this is all the "Bing Community" is about ?

  • All of my sites are not indexing also 

    Using "" shows that it is not indexed at all. 

    Thanks for any help on this problem.


  • New domain indexing take time. you can validate and submit your website to

  • Hi ,


    1- add your website to

    2- Make sitemap and submit

    3-Validate our website using bing webmaster.


    4- add your site in bing explorer .





  • Hi,

    I suggest submitting a new sitemap to our tools with the <changefreq> date set to daily. That has helped in the past.  

  • @AmericanGold

    We have your home page indexed: I suggest reading the FAQs located at the top of the crawling or ranking forums (same content) which will answer more of your questions.



  • To no avail. I've tried setting it up to daily, hourly, always etc.

    But it NEVER indexes the NEW pages!

    It always continues re-crawling the old pages.


  • ok, try to resubmit your sitemap file.

    Check your sitemap file has the new links to the newly added pages. Add their frequency set to Daily.

    Check the same with other web master tools for yahoo and google, to test.

    Let me know the result.

  • my website (Biżuteria, kolczyki, Lewanowicz, WKruk, Yes) was never indexed, I added it in MSN & bing...

    The website is validated by bing...

    My other website is indexed: ...

    Could someone help me? Maybe someone from Microsoft stuff...

  • I'm sorry but I can't believe everyone is suggesting only the Bing tools with sitemap etc.

    I have resubmitted my sitemap with the new links to newly added pages a thousand times. Google indexes my pages without any problems. MSN can't.

  • My other site also not indexed well by bing, wonder why